How to Make Bread at Home with 3 Ingredients

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  1. This didn't work for me. Is it maybe because I live in a tropical climate and the 18-hour proof time was too long? It came out like my failed sourdough attempts before my starter was mature enough.

  2. Hi!
    So I have tried this recipe three times. The first time it came out perfect!! The next two times it came out flat and dense. I’m not sure why.
    Do you know what I’m doing wrong?? Any extra tips? Does how hot the water is matter?
    I’m just not sure what I’m doing. And after tasting this once, I can’t get it out of my head πŸ˜–
    Thanks πŸ™

  3. You need Organic Wheat flour or Organic Bread flour…definitely Not BLEACHED flour that only uninformed ignorant people use in America, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia perhaps even in Britain….EUROPEANS have the best breads that are Never, Never made from BLEACHED flours, which Bleached flour is chemically bleached + CLOGS the Liver…. Only someone who has grown in Europe + eaten super tasting + great smelling Bread knows… You have absolutely No feeling for the great smelling Breads of Europe, or the great smelling & tasting Pastries made with Unbleached flour.

  4. Been making this in a care home where I work , the only problem is converting the recipe from cups to grams . Any chance you can put a gm measurement on future recipes ?

  5. I've tried making this 2 days running. Dry yeast is like gold dust where I live so had to buy live yeast. Today I spoke to the baker in my local supermarket. Turns out I was using way too much yeast. I was also using the wrong flour. He gave me the correct bread flour , and I've now got another batch all made and sitting under cling wrap. 3rd time lucky!πŸ˜‚ I will master this baking lark if it kills me πŸ˜ŽπŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸŒ

  6. Hi Candice! Absolutely love your videos! Would you by chance be able to make a recipe for no yeast bread, as I haven't been able to get any for the past ew months! Love from your fellow Torontonian! Wishing you well 🌻

  7. I'm not going to bake this bread but I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make it 🀣

    I also gave the video a thumbs up before candace said to give it a thumbs up if you're going to make the bread 🀣 I feel so confused now.

  8. I really been thinking about trying to make bread, but the thought of doing it was always so daunting to me. After seeing this I reaize that it doesn't have to be. All I need now is a dutch oven. Any suggestions?

  9. My next recipe will be a lemon ring cake. Such an easy bread, I did not know bevor, but I like it very mutch . I think I will bake it too. I have made a bread at home but with oatmeal, flaxseed and curd cheese, a lot of protein.

  10. That tip to measuring the flour is surely helpful, I still don't get it why you wouldn't use a scale though, as that's the safest and most precise way. I'm European, btw. πŸ˜€
    Your bread looks awesome! I have to get a dutch oven in the near future. πŸ™‚

  11. Does anyone know if there’s a low/no waste swap for the Saran Wrap? Could I use a towel? Or does there need to be a seal like Saran Wrap would provide? Also, is there a swap for the parchment paper? Can you just flour the inside of the Dutch oven and go Without? Thanks!

  12. We use the same recipe to make sandwich bread β€” make about one third of the flour whole wheat, then put it in loaf pan and press it down (to get rid of the huge bubbles). Great with and without putting poppyseeds on the top (before baking). We’ve also used it to make cinnamon raisin bread (ah-ma-zing) and focaccia. Very versatile.

  13. I just love your recipes no matter what, so even such a simple one makes me happy!
    Thank you so much for such inspiring content!
    Also, what a beautiful Dutch oven!

    Anyways, stay safe and keep creating some delicious baked goods (as they are just the best right?!)!
    Lots of love!

    P.S. One tiny remark: You said that you are concerned about the environment but wrapping in plastic really isn't necessary…if you want to invest a tiny bit. There are silicone "tops" for bowls, jars etc as well as vegan wax wraps which are perfect for such applications πŸ˜‰ However, I understand that we are all trying to do our best so that's just something to consider πŸ™‚

  14. You can use wax wrap instead of cling film. I made an old pillow case into a huge sheet of wax wrap, that can cover any big bowl I have. I use it especially for making sour dough, because it's easy to place loosely on top, without slipping into the bowl.

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