How To Make Classic Beef Stew • Tasty

Warm your soul with classic beef stew! Learn how we make this hearty meal using Kroger’s freshest meat.


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  1. Do not serve a stew with egg bloody noodles my word what are you doing Tasty, this is an affront to the UK where Angus beef bloody well comes from. Serve a stew with taters, as a hash, or on its own. Not bloody egg noodles, what a bizarre cross-cultural recipe.

  2. Nah…. this isn't beef stew. Where are the potatoes? The thick broth? The crusty bread on the side? The veggie pieces are too small, and we always coat the beef with flour first to help make the gravy. This is more like Tasty's version of beef bourguignon, but served with egg noodles for some strange reason. Probably delicious, but not beef stew.

  3. So, is nobody else going to say something about how the dude just touches the raw beef and then puts his fingers into the pepper and salt to sprinkle it? Sure, it's for a show, but please, do pay attention and teach your viewers proper health procedure while in the kitchen. I do not want potentially contaminated salt and pepper on my salad or whatever.

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