How to Make Homemade Bagels » Poppy Seed + Everything Bagel Recipe

No need to ever go to your local shop again because this homemade bagel recipe is not only incredibly easy to make, it’s also …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I followed 2 other recipes prior to seeing your video and they didn't turn out the way it should. I followed yours and they turned out PERFECT! Thank you so much for sharing. I would have stopped trying had I not come across yours.

  2. I am trying your recipe now :)…my family loves bagels. Can i use maple syrup instead of malt syrup in the boiling process?
    Thanks Billy Parisi!!

  3. I made it today. And I need your help please,
    It was good in taste but a little bit rubbery like when I bite it.
    The dough inside spongy, I didn't feel that filling out my mouth.
    What do I have to do?

    My English language is not perfect 😐, sorry.

  4. I've been making my own bagels for almost 40 years and thought it was time to try some other recipes. Several questions, though, about your recipe. (1) Your printed recipe says it makes 12 bagels, but your video shows you making 10 bagels. Is there a reason for this discrepancy? (2) Your video shows you using 2 gallons of water to boil the bagels, but the printed recipe says to use 1 gallon. Does it make a difference in the end? (3) Your video shows you using 3 tablespoons of malt syrup, but in Step 7 of the printed recipe says 1/3 cup. Is this because of the different amount of water used in the video as opposed to the printed recipe? Thanks for clarifying these matters for me.

  5. Chef Billy, where can Barley Malt syrup be found? I’ve looked everywhere in my hood. Can’t find. I can only find cases of it on amazon. Suggestions?

  6. 1) Na batedeira por a água morninha, açúcar mascavo, fermento biológico. Mexer bem com fouet e esperar uns 5 minutos pra ver se o fermento funciona.
    2) por o gancho de mancha e em vel baixa ir colocando a farinha de alta proteína, depois por o sal e mexer por uns 5-7 minutos.
    3) na bancada sovar um pouco na mão mesmo. Enfarinhar bancada. Uns 5-7 minutos. Bolear e colocar na tigela com pano e por dentro do forno com luz.
    4) esperar dobrar de tamanho mais ou menos 1h-1h30
    5) dar um socao pra tiear o ar e cortar a massa em bagels. Bolear cada um. Fazer o buraco no meio (ir alargando com os dedos das duas mãos). Ir colocando numa assadeira coberta com um pano úmido.
    6) enquanto isso ferver bastante água com um pouco de melado de cana.
    7) deixar a massa descansando enquanto isso (5 min).
    8) colocar os bagels na água 1 min cada lado!
    9) tirou da água, dip nas sementes e levar ao forno 220° 20-25 minutos.

  7. maybe i have missed it in the comments, but have you ever done a night before prep and let the formed bagels sit in the fridge for boil/bake in the morning? Would they need to come up to room temp before the boil stage?

  8. WAIT, you can just MAKE bread!? LIKE IN A REGULAR OVEN!? D:

    My mind was just blown. How do you do it if you don't have the little mixing machine though, can I just mix with a spoon?

  9. Hi Chef Billy from Calgary. Thank you so much for this video. I have been hoping for a bagel recipe and this looks great. Was wondering if you have a recipe for pappadums? We love curries. I am in the throes of making your sourdough, second time. Looking good so far. Stay well 🇨🇦🇨🇦

  10. Can I use All-Purpose Flour instead? We don’t have Bread Flour where I live, they only have Hard Flour (is that the same?). 😭
    By the way: You are amazing !!!

  11. Omgsh yes I love bagels and will definitely be trying your recipe 💗🥯
    I love your videos, that are always sooo detailed and beautiful! Thank you for sharing 🤍

  12. Trying this now and they are looking like bagels!! This is like my 4th new CBP recipe (I mean I made the country bread like 6 times now) and I'm super excited. @gtlmakes on IG to see my progress. Great video! Can't wait to try something new next weekend..

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