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  1. Everything you do is fascinating!!! I first saw you on the show where a small group of chefs each make their own dish based on a theme or ingredient. All of the ways you did your creations there were so delightful, and I remember being fascinated by the tofu snack (or side dish) idea, where big chunks were stacked, dressed in sauce, and sprinkled with, I think, finely sliced green onion. It just had that Japanese "clean food" quality, and it had a hunger satiating quality, and, it was also fancy and gourmet with the umami sauce and just right green onion topping. When I'm so moved by something, that means that I should pursue it, because it resonates with things my subconscious knows, that I don't necessarily know up front. I'm so fascinated by Japanese food because it seems so clean and light, but really substantial and flavorful at the same time!!! In your above video, I think the dessert looks really fun, but, I was blown away by the okonomiyaki!!! Everything looked really great, though, I really liked this video!!!!!!

  2. I have a friend whose family is pure Japanese, they moved to Hawaii and had their son which is my friend. And his mom made curry when I was at their house for dinner. And It was the best authentic Japanese foods I've ever had.

  3. It's interesting what she calls a "Japanese breakfast." Yes, all those things showed up in the "Japanese style breakfast" I ate during my recent honeymoon in Japan…but those items were in much smaller quantities, and all those things were just the best parts of the meals. By volume, more than half of our meals were pickled fruits and vegetables or incomprehensible semi-solid jellies (which I still have no clue what they are). The tamagoyaki was served chilled (and not cooked as fully as we do in the West), and the fish was served room temperature, for example; the rice, miso soup, and green tea were the only hot parts of the meal. (The green tea was AMAZING though; I didn't even know green tea could taste that good.)

    To the Western palette, I really think breakfast is the weakest meal in Japan; lunch and dinner are incredible nearly anywhere you go, no matter what you order (and my wife and I had to order randomly some times, since we don't speak Japanese), but breakfast….well, it's better to save your appetite and enjoy a larger lunch.

  4. I love her videos and I also grew up on seafood. My da dwas a fisherman and I worked on the boats too.

    Definitely miss having access to fresh crab, shrimp, snapper, and grouper daily

  5. Native Texan here! I started making my own maki and really want to make more Japanese dishes.
    Something about it just clicks with me more than any other kind of cooking. I’m by no means a chef 😂

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