How to Make Margaritas- 3 ways: Orange Margarita, Cucumber Margarita & Spicy Grapefruit Margarita

Learn how to make three exciting and delicious Margaritas for your Cinco de Mayo party! These three easy Margarita recipes use …


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  1. Cute outfit!  These recipes are just the thing to accompany those vegan carnita tacos.  Or the huevos rancheros, if it's that kind of a breakfast ; ) Thanks for posting!

  2. First of all love the channel, is lots of fun & makes cooking fun (not boring). You seem much more toned down in more recent vids & I hope its not because people have commented in a negative way! Stay true to you as you are great just the way you are 🙂
    BTW I told my friends the snoop joke & they loved it haha! Looking forward to more (jokes & recipes haha)
    Thanks Edgy Veg

  3. I can't drink alcohol anymore since I got sick, still these would be good without the alcohol, too bad I can't have citrus either 🙁 . anyway great vid ^-^ thanks, I bet my mom would love this though!

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