How to Make Mini Mug Cakes VEGAN | The Edgy Veg

Learn how to make personal-size cakes, in a mug, in under 5 mins with my vegan mug cake recipe! The only equipment you need …


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  1. VEGAN MUG CAKE! Omg it's sooooo delicious!This is sooo awesome because I've been searching ENDLESSLY for a vegan mug cake that doesn't include some foreign ingredient that I would never have in my house. This one has stuff that anyone would have in their house.

    I topped mine with chocolate flavoring/sauce and coconut flakes. The chocolate flavoring is already vegan and it makes it taste A LOT more chocolatey, if you're one of those chocolate addicts like me. 😋 thank you so much for this recipe!

  2. I'm having a huge brunch at my house but a lot of the guests are going to be chickens. Is there any chance you can make grilled chicken omelets vegan? I really don't want to force those chickens to be cannibals so any help is appreciated.

  3. tried the chocolate one! soooooo good! i subbed the maple syrup for 1/4 cup coconut sugar and then increased the almond milk to 1/4 cup! topped it with melted coconut butter!!! thank you 🙂

  4. Can you show how to make vegan Cheez-Its? I've begun to start giving up diary(I'm currently a vegetarian)but I do love Cheez-Its and I'm having a hard a time finding a decent alternative.

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