How to Make Perfect Boiled Eggs » Soft Boiled, Medium Boiled, and Hard Boiled Eggs

Learn how to make soft boiled, medium boiled, and hard-boiled eggs following these foolproof instructions! Subscribe ▻


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Thank you for this! I have always struggled to make a hard-boiled egg. I have tried multiple methods. I do not do it that often. Usually only to make deviled eggs. This one worked perfectly. I took the eggs from the refrigerator. I did add a little vinegar to the water. But this worked perfectly. Again, thank you.

  2. My eggs cracked soon as it hit the boiling water, i tried "tempering" them by dunking them a little and pulling them out, for a second or two, did that like 2-3 times each egg before leaving them in. it didn't matter, one egg cracked soon as it hit the water and it started shooting out cooked egg from the cracks and some yoke. I boiled them for 5 min for soft boiled eggs, but some of the white was still raw when i was peeling them, clear whites and raw yellow, I'm going to play around with the times more. Mainly I'm not sure what the discrepancy is from the video, in terms of not getting the eggs to break so much.

  3. Thank you, Chef! I tried several other methods with terrible results. This was perfection. I took the two that cracked out at 4 minutes, cuz I love soft cooked eggs as well, and they were perfect too. Picture perfect hard cooked egg!

  4. I love the 5 min ones. However, after boiling the water, I added the egg into the pot and it cracked within several seconds. Most of the yolk came out. How do you stop that? Thanks a lot 🙂

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