How to Make Plant Based Milk | Oat, Almond and Coconut Milk

Today’s tutorial will show you how to make plant based milk. From almond milk to oat milk this guide will teach you the easiest way …


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  1. Oh Lovely One you may want to mention this video in one of your upcoming videos during this cacophony of chaos we are all currently living in. Given many are now in lockdown or heading in that direction around the globe and facing shortages of availability of groceries, this may serve to provide options that many may have never thought of or others may have thought too difficult or intimidating to undertake before. You have simplified the process greatly by using a fine-mesh sieve and giving such easy instructions, ratios and recipe ideas.
    I have an understanding of what it takes to be a content creator. I have great empathy and respect for you. You are appreciated more than you know. You are making an impact and creating change with all you do. Than-q!
    Be safe! With peace, gratitude, grace and light! XO

  2. My ultimate plant-based milk is cashew milk. The taste is very good, you can use is in everything and you can technically froth it.
    However, I try to use mostly oat milk, it's very good, too and is the eco friendliest.

  3. I would looove to see your closet. Would you like to share it with your audience? My style probably isn't as "rockn rolly" as yours, but I love this edgy style. Maybe it's just my impression, but your clothes never look brand new but just like another cool piece from a thrift shop or like you've just rediscovered them and combined them in new ways. 👋💫🎀

  4. curious…. is hemp milk cheap in canada since you guys have been growing hemp for decades? because in the US… you can only buy it buy the quart, the shelf stable version and it comes out to about 14 bucks a gallon. i love rice milk lol (rice dream reg)

  5. I have been making my own plant milks for the past year or so. The only one I've had a problem with in "cooking" has been oat milk, but it is my preference for everyday things like cereal and coffee. I use rice or cashew for cooking. Making one's own is so much cheaper than store bought. I also use less water 2-3 cups if I want something more concentrated for coffee "creamer". I love your videos btw… especially the veganizing ones. You have a great vibe.

  6. I use to make just oats, but found it could get to heavy cream when you heat it a little for coffee or chocolate so trying different options for me the best in flavor, texture and very cheap is a mix of oats with coconut milk so I blend 1/2 cup of oats with 1/2 cup of coconut a dash of sea salt, tiny pinch of sugar cinnamon and vanilla… ufff love it. We are a big family so I make 3 liters every 2 or 3 days.

  7. I'm a fairly recent subsriber and I love this kind of video. In general I adore the playfulness of vegan cuisine! And this channel just oozes fun and this playfulness – never not subscribing. xx

  8. Im started to do my own milk like last week because i drink a loooot of it and the amount of waste produced is so big, and it cost quite a lot of money 🤔 so last week i blended some oats with water and added a bit of agave syrup and it was really good, my coffee had a taste of mapple syrup it was yummy. Thanks for the tipps, im gonna improve my recipes !
    Idk but making my own oat milk is such a relaxing time, im super happy when i fill my glass bottle up and lets say it, oats are soooo cheap.

  9. My first non-cow milk was oat, and… It tasted like slightly creamy liquid oats. I stand by that soy milk is superior to all other milks, including cow.

  10. Candice, can you remake your jamaican patty please, thanks. I've loved soymilk my entire life and the store sold ones tastes funny, i only drink purchased from local maker or homemade.

  11. Id love to see if u can veganiz Clairs things from bon appetit channel. She takes candies and makes them Gourmet but sometimes she'll take things that are naturally vegan and make them not begin with like gelatin so it'd be cool to see you reverse that or to see if some things can even be vegnized and still tast good

  12. Oat milk is superior in every way! Although I still need to try cashew! I don’t love soya unless it’s in savoury season dishes. I tried hemp milk the other day and I hate it😂 coconut milk is too watery because it’s rice milk based and almond I don’t mind but oat is the best!

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