How To Make Pork and Chicken Hallacas As Made By Jorge Rincon

Have you ever received a delicious New Year’s Eve present wrapped in plantain leaves? These hallacas caraqueñas are a …


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  1. Excellent recipe! My mom was born margariteña and spent many years in Caracas for school. Our hallacas are very similar, and it is an honor carrying on the tradition of making Christmas hallacas.

  2. Awww, que orgullo y que vídeo tan lindo. La verdad las hallacas son de lo mejor de la comida venezolana. La navidad tiene un toque especial con una de estas y una rebanada de pan de jamón en tu plato.

  3. Even in this crazy year of 2020 there is no Christmas "Navidad" without Ayaka's. I don't make them myself, too much work, so I order them every year. Tonight it is Ayaka time. Feliz Navidad i un Prospero 2021 para todo's.

  4. Realmente, no me gustó esa forma de hacer hallacas. Mucho aparataje .. la hallaca se hace en familia. Cada quien completa una fase. Y a la masa se le mete mano. Feliz Navidad!!!!

  5. In West Bengal of India and In Bangladesh, the Bengali Cuisine has a dish called "Paaturi" which literally looks like this! Only the difference in that we marinate the fish(specially Hilsa or Bekti) for hours and then wrap it up (in a banana leaf and tie it with threads , exactly the same way) and then fry it in oil.
    Paaturi is one of the prominent dishes of Bangali Cuisine!
    It's strange how people of different places are so deeply connected with food!

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