How To Make The Best Chicken Pot Pie Ever

Delicious, buttery, flaky crust + creamy chicken filling = the ultimate comfort food. This is the only recipe you’ll need for this cozy fall …


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  1. What’s great about this recipe is that it combines all the skills a good home chef should master :

    How to roast a chicken
    How to make stock
    How to make pie dough
    How to make a roux based sauce
    Outstanding ‘!! Can’t wait to get to work

  2. So that’s obviously not the same dough she poured out of the bowl. You can see how it was crumbly and then all of a sudden it looked worked and puffed up. ??? What happened in between those folds

  3. My mother and grandma's would make everything from scratch if it took all day. So delicious, nothing like homemade recipes. I can't cook like they did so I take short cuts.

  4. Do you do ASMR? You've got a beautiful, wonderful voice and if you don't do ASMR, you seriously should! I love your voice.
    Pot pie recipe looks amazing too, I'm in the middle of trying it now, with a few modifications, namely that I brined my chicken and am doing sous vide instead of roasting it, everything else the same.

  5. My Grandkids and I made chicken pot pie every week for a month this past winter. The point was to taste test pie crust vs biscuits vs puff pastry vs mashed potatoes (like a shepherds pie). Unfortunately different kids liked different ones – LOL. Now we rotate our "crust". My favorite is the flaky pie crust. I always roast two chickens – one for roast chicken in Sunday and then one to use later in the week for pot pie or dumplings. Freeze extra broth. We alternate Sundays (and therefore weeks) between chicken, beef, pork and fish.

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