HOW TO MAKE THE BEST VEGAN BRUNCH | 4 Brunch Recipe | S’more Pancakes | Bulletproof Coffee

Today on The Edgy Veg I am going to show you how to make the best vegan brunch ever! I will show you how to make vegan …


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  1. have ya tried making vegan rice crispie treats with dandies? i have 5x and it doesnt work LOL. i have found that organic corn syrup and corn starch work great though! 🙂 love your vids!! xoxo

  2. Anybody know if tofu holds up well when you make it in advance? Curious if I can meal prep the “egg” recipe & eat it over the course of 4 days

  3. Just wanted to let you know this didn’t show up in my sub feed thank god for social media. I already sent them a complaint about it but you might want to as well. Love your episodes! Thanks for all the recipes!

  4. I can't believe you partnered with iherb! I seriously rely on them. I live in Japan and there are so many things that aren't available. Even just veg stock with no animal products. Vits as well. ♥

  5. Wow! So many great meals, much like a SAD diet brunch. But you do that the best, we have the same looking food, but not harming anyone or anything with it. Potatoes, oh yeah!

  6. Thank you Candice for the wonderful tofu scramble recipe. I totally fooled my older brother with it.. LOL… Its not like I asked him to breakfast. He just showed up and my 15 year old and I were making the scramble and the hash browns into breakfast burritos. I just changed up the spices a bit. It was funny. he walked in and snagged it of my plate took a bite and said "These eggs are really good. When did you stop eating that healthy crap?"… My daughter just about laughed herself out of her chair.

  7. You really didn’t need to boil the potatoes actually. Cooking them straight in the oil cools that all the way through and prevents any mushiness whatsoever

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