How to Make the Creamiest Cheesecake

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  1. You mentioned in your video after we baked it for 1 hour and cool it inside the oven for another hour the cheesecake should be shaking a little bit before we put it. In the fridge. I followed the same steps but mine I felt had a hard surface. Is this because I add more flour to it or did I let it bake for more than 1 hour? The test is good but not smooth and soft. Can you help me, please?

  2. I am extremely confused, is it 900 grams or 250 grams of cream cheese? Cuz 8 oz is abt 240 grams but the comments are saying 900?

  3. What format is the spring form? The first time I made this recipe my springform was smaller and caused the batter to overspill in the oven. So I would like to know how big the springform should be for this recipe

  4. I tried this cheesecake 4 years ago, after trying a dozen other recipes, and ever since I never eat any other cheesecake but mine. Please give it a try it’s the best one!

  5. Just threw my first cheesecake ever in the oven. There is a bakery near me that makes the absolute greatest cheesecakes I've ever had. They don't use sour cream. Sooooo.
    I didn't add the sour cream and instead put some lemon juice in for tang. Also my family is made of 99% sugar so instead of the heavy cream I put sweet cream coffee creamer.
    And also I didn't have Graham crackers so I used chocolate chip cookies. We'll be going into diabetic shock tomorrow.
    Will reply to this with the results.

  6. Why are the ingredients popping up so fast? SLOW IT DOWN! You could also put a list in the description to help people but buzzfeed is dying so I get you dont have many people working there.

  7. Just put half the amount of sugar and skip the sugar from the crust and mine turned out fine. Honestly it would be wayyyy too sweet with the amount she recommended lol.

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