How To Make The Creamiest Mashed Potatoes

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  1. Over the last few years I have been making and ordering different foods for my brother because he wanted to try them…I don't cook so all of them have failed miserably now the day before yesterday he said I wanna have mashed potatoes…. idk how to make them…went on YouTube 100s of videos but I chose this let's see how it goes..i need to get all the ingredients and everything ..god please make this worth it..I hope my little brother likes it…

  2. I tried this recipe but i didnt use a sieve or a spatula cause i couldn't find it, just a reminder DO USE A SPATULA AND A SIEVE it makes it more smoother. Since i used a spoon to mash mines it had a few lumos of potatoes which was a bit annoying but i enjoyed it ! I also added some cream my mom told me that it gives the taste and texture to mashed potatoes and butter and OMG it was amazing!! ❤

  3. What is unsalted butter?
    Butter has no salt, unless the clarification says that it is salted.

    Nobody going in the supermarket asking for unsalted peaches either…

  4. Oh this turned out perfect!
    I used the sieve to mash mine
    I added some changes tho.
    – random potatoes
    – Soy-milk unsweetened , rose Mary and lazy garlic paste for the cream
    – a teeny drop of sesame oil

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