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  1. I'm sorry I'm late to the party but yes, Yes, YES, lol, yes absolutely sift all your dry flours and powders I do not care if it reads no need to sift or sift free, no, No, NO!! Sift always, I've found hard clumps in all flours be it scratch build or box premade I sift and yeah sometimes you find clumps that are just strange lol. Ty ❤️
    Also mayonnaise isn't a big surprise for me, it absolutely can add to the creamy rich taste and enhance chocolate. That's actually an old world addition I have a cook book of my great great grandmother and mayo is in a cake order lol but homemade mayo which is sure is even better than store bought premade. Olive oil cakes though I'm not a fan of can be used inhancing the sugar flavors. It was explained to me once during culinary training way back many moons ago by an ancient Chef Master or the cosmic arts lol the same way salt plays on the pallet with fruit like cantaloupe to help make the fruit taste sweeter. And hell, more eggs always makes cakes even better lol. Cheers love this idea of the ultimate chocolate cake. Everyone has one I guess.

  2. im gonna make this cake and scoop some insides out from the bottom once ive buttercreamed the layers together, and id coat the insides with buttercream, just a shallow hole, deep enough to hold something. Put it in the fridge to harden the buttercream and pour melting chocolate fudge sauce in there, and buttercream the hole up, use some leftover cake to plug the hole and ta-da.

  3. Made this for New Years (U.K.) it turned out amazing, tasted exactly like the nandos cake they give (more fudge cake then fluffy) used chocolate whipped ganache, balanced the sweetness!

    *Used self raising flour and used the measurements on their website.
    Just use less liquid and make sure you end up adding flour last, if not it looks weird!

  4. Word of advice, use an extra BIG bowl when combining all ingredients lol thought my bowls were big, but not big enough… I also made it gluten free (for the celiacs out there) and it works wonders.. it is truly the best chocolate cake recipe I’ve ever made 😋🤤🤤

  5. I made it and i agree. It's amazing. But i do have to say that when I made it with Mayo the first 2 times, the texture was weird and also my stomach was upset. When I made it without Mayo it turned out amazing, no tummy problems.

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