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  1. Nice! Couple of suggestions
    Use plain rusk.. its a perfect substitute for ladyfingers
    Make your own mascarpone. Simply heat 250ml amul cream till u see bubbles then add lemon juice and stir till it thickens. Cool . Drain on a cloth overnight in the fridge. Mascarpone ready !

  2. That's not Tiramisu. Sorry. But, no tempered eggs, no Italian Biscoti, no Vanilla, no epresso (real coffee), no Kakao. How is it Tiramisu?

  3. I never understood this eggless recipes.
    Why would someone make them? It's not like the egg makes it taste bad or unhealthy. Nor vegan as it still has milk, mascarpone or cream cheese. So who knows better to throw some light over here?

  4. Thank you for an interesting adaptation of the classical recipe. Plan to try your version using cream cheese and a bit of Kahlua.
    An acquaintance told me that she heard that tiramisu is an adaptation of a British trifle. Not sure I believe that.

  5. Oh my goodness, this was painful to watch 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️not digestives!!! you can easily make your own lady fingers at home and if you want egg free, use aquafaba, if you cannot get mascarpone, use freshly whipped cream, not cream cheese as they have different flavours and as for "vegetarian" tiramisu??? Since when does tiramisu contain meat?! Dreadful.

  6. Heavy whipping cream and cinnamon wtf ma che cazzo fai!? Is an insult to the tiramisù! There is official version without eggs, but not so blasphemous! You will go straight to hell! Che schifo!

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