How to Make Tofu like a Pro (& why you’re doing it WRONG)

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  1. There are other ways to get the moisture out and get flavor in that don't take so much time and planning. I haven't used my tofu press in probably a decade.

  2. you don't even have to bread 'em. i like frying them as they are and just dip them in siracha like fries. you can also coat the tofu in the sauce you like and pop them in the air fryer

  3. Humans do not have the receptors to taste pure protein, which is what tofu is. Therefore, to make tofu "taste good" it all resides on how you flavor and cook it. Great video, great advice.

  4. If you don’t want to bread your tofu (which is a great idea) but still want some extra texture, you can cut your tofu with a butter knife, or something to give it shaggy edges. It makes a nice little difference.

  5. Reasons why your tofu tastes like shit:

    Reason 1. Tofu is shit and just tastes like shit

    Reason 2. Look back to reason 1. There are no other reasons.

  6. One of my favourite tofu dish is just plain tofu, lightly blanched, dipped in some salt. Sometimes it’s not the food just that your cultural taste is not adjusted for certain food, and that’s okay, don’t just assume a food tastes bad because you don’t get it yet

  7. Is yellow tofu isn't common in the west? You could just buy firm yellow tofu and fry it straight away, no need to press it

  8. I never thought my tofu tastes like shit. You don't need to fry tofu to make it taste good just learn what flavor is. Sweet tofu desert or salty tofu in mapo tofu. I also eat tofu with soy sauce, oyster sauce and green onions. Try other cultural foods that use that ingredient more often because they probably have more recipes that actually taste good.

  9. I've tried to like it… I'll only agree with.. it tastes like $h!t… fried.. air fry.. sauted.. baked… JUST NO NO NO!!! It takes like a dirty dish sponge!

  10. I've been eating tofu since childhood and have never had to press it. Tofu also doesn't have to be fried to taste amazing. But well done on seasoning the tofu. I'm sure that helps.

  11. Asian person here. Tofu doesn't need to be pressed. 😐 It literally makes no difference in taste lol. Osmosis 101 if it's a texture thing, go and get firmer tofu.

  12. You don’t need to do any of this nonsense. Don’t press it, don’t flour it, nothing. Just cut it up, dry till brown on both sides, add a little soy sauce in the pan, shake it around and eat it

  13. I made tofu tacos the other day and the only difference from a beef taco was that the tofu was just a touch drier but I’d chalk that up to how long I cooked it. Just make sure you season well (taste along the way. You’ll need LOTS of cumin and smoked paprika) and if it is dry just as some crema, sour cream, or taco sauce.

  14. …so this is why white people think tofu is gross.
    just chop it up and drop it in some miso soup maybe. less work, delicious vegan tofu meal in 5 minutes. add seaweed and make some rice if you can too.

  15. You don't need to do most of that. The way it's traditionally done is you wash, dry, cube, fry in hot oil, then add to sauce. If you plan on frying anyways, pressing and marinading first doesn't make a difference. The most important thing is the oil doesn't cover the tofu so moisture can escape during cooking. If you like very firm tofu, try pressed bean curd instead, although regular to firm is best for frying.

  16. I actually really like straight out the pack tofu. I’m not overly a fan of soy milk but put that taste in a block and I won’t put it down

  17. Fry some tofu without any coating then soak it in a flavourful but thin sauce for a few minutes, the tofu will soak all of that in. Also if you're lazy get silken tofu, add a thick sauce on top, maybe some spring onion/chillies/whatever you think will go well and enjoy. Remember to double check what kind of tofu you're buying guys it really matters, and eat well!!!

  18. I don't like tofu. I never have. But in this economy, I am determined to like it because I can't afford any other source of protein. I can afford tofu, though. So I've been trying to make it in all different ways, but I still can't make it nice. The texture is the biggest part I don't like, but I figured out that by pressing it, and dehydrating it more in the oven (prior to processing it into what I want) it has the texture of a boiled egg white, which is tolerable. The other part I can't get past is the flavour. Does anyone have any tips on how to make tofu taste less like… tofu?

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