How to Make Traditional Ethiopian Food With Marcus Samuelsson • Tasty

Marcus Samuelsson teaches us how to make Tibs, a traditional Ethiopian dish. Follow Marcus on Instagram: …


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  1. ቤተሰብክ በናፎቆት እይለቀሱ አተግን ዝምታን መርጠካል ምንያህል ጨካኝ ብትሆን ነው?

  2. Proud of you marcus, some Eritrean trying lie themselves claim Ethiopia food be like their food, i agree you share it but its not from Eritrean never been. Eritrean food called, ጋአት ወይም ገንፎ ፣ ዝግኒ፣ህልበት

  3. ይሄ ሰውዬ የሚለውን ሰማችሁት ለኢትዮጵያውያን ሰጋ የቅንጦት ምግብ ነው ሰጋ የሚበሉት በሰርግ በአመት በአል ብቻ ነው እያለ እኮ ነው ዝተታም Why you say in Ethiopia meat is luxury only they eat weeding and only holidays we eat every time meat its not luxury you don't know about Ethiopia you just born and left Sweden maybe your wife family meat is luxury not for us ask first before talking

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