How to Make Vanilla Extract in Costa Rica! | Edgy Veg

Did you know that Mayans used vanilla to flavour their chocolate drinks long before Spanish showed up? Hit like if you didn’t!


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  1. Hey Candice!!! I just started a new youtube channel about my transition into a vegan lifestyle and would greatly appreciate it if you would subscribe to my channel. I've watched all of your videos and I love each and every one. Thank you!!!!!

  2. This is how I make vanilla extract, 'cos on balance, even with organic beans and high end vodka, it's more cost effective.ย  Also, just wanna say how lovely you look in these Costa Rica videos–natural, healthy, serene, but curious about what you are learning.ย  I like Megacity Candice and her vegan cooking exploits a lot, but this girl is nice, too ; )

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