How to Make Vegan Caesar Salad ACTUALLY Taste Good

TRY MY UP-TO-DATE VEGAN RECIPES↓ Vegan Caesar Dressing: …


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  1. I see people use cashews for sauces even vegan cheese I can't really eat legumes. is there something else? I don't like tofu. I know but I'm not picky it's my stomach. 😔

  2. The Classics Veganized by Doug McNish has an excellent and even simpler Caesar dressing recipe using vegan mayo, nooch, salt, pepper, lemon juice. It's my go to every time.

  3. Ma'am, a vegan Caesar salad where you replace the protein and then the greens… and then the dressing isn't even Caesar.

  4. I make my vegan salads taste great in a few simple steps:
    1) Make a vegan salad.
    2) Feed the salad to my chickens and rabbits.
    3) Cook a steak for myself and eat it.

    Comes out delicious every time.

  5. K but add some garlic, dijon, lemon juice, white wine vinegar and some black pepper and u got yourself the dopest salad dressing in the world.

  6. Which fake bacon bits did you use bc I tried some from McCormick but they were waaay too salty and also had red dye I didn't notice at first ugh. (I'm not vegan yet but I'm trying to be more vegetarian. Long time watcher! <3 )

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