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here’s how to make vegan pierogies stuffed with a sweet potato and sauerkraut filling! And guess what? You don’t have to be a …


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  1. Sweet potatoes in polish pierogi? Sorry you messed it up already. I’m polish and vegan. That’s not how we do vegan “ruskie pierogi” as you refer to exactly those one. The sweet potatoes have different texture and characteristic flavour which is nothing like. There is much simpler filling which taste like traditional dairy ones. You fry the onion, mash normal potatoes, add natural form tofu (crumbled before) some lemon juice, salt and pepper. As cutting dough – girl just get self a glass – I used even a wine glass, sharp enough to cut a dough and you twist it. And yes polish pierogi you must boil first before you fry them – that’s not gyros dear. So put it simply as pol who do pierogi since childhood you fuck it up.

  2. We always made them square and fold over corner to corner for cabbage ones, and fold in 1/2 for potatos or licvar ( sp). My baba came from the Carpathian Mts. So same but different. Like the yam suggestion!!!

  3. Nice to see that pierogi making is growing strong. If you want an easier, more authentic, and foolproof version for a vegan and playable dough I have an amazing selection of recipes for Pierogi. Visit my channel for step by step tutorials.

  4. Ah, good try however the dough recipe is not good and pierogi should be packed with stuffing. This version is not very impressive. Any Polish grandma would tell you to keep trying 😜

  5. This reminds me of a meal I had a vegan restaurant in Chicago (called The Chicago Diner) they had a pierogi quesadilla made with sweet potato, mushroom, sauerkraut and vegan cheese.

  6. omg!!! I have always wanted a lush vegan pierogi. for me the hardest part is rolling the dough out to the correct thickness!!! I literally JUST ordered a fancy solid VERMONT MARBLE rolling pin AND a pasta dough roller from WILLIAMS so hopefully when those toools come i'll be able to make it as perfectly as you do!! I'm just so jealous. everything you do is so spot on the first time and I feeel like for me, it's a struggle to get it right after the first or second time.

  7. Girl, close them properly next time, don’t just “barley pinch”, pinch them well to be safe! That’s how they’re traditionally made to have a specific look

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