How to Perfectly Truss, Brine, Smoke, and Carve a Turkey

Learn the absolute best most flavorful way to prepare a turkey by making this delicious Brined Smoked Turkey Recipe. I’ll also …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Loved your brine but as for the smoked whole turkey, I think I would leave it to just the turkey drumsticks. It was a little too fireside in taste but very moist and tender. That is just my opinion.

  2. I needed to come back and say I did your brine recipe and your gravey recipe and both were AMAZING!! The only thing I changed was I added oranges to the brine. Thanks again for sharing with us all!!!! Happy holidays!!!

  3. Hey Billy 👋.I'm skipping the whole turkey and going for the drumsticks this year. Can this brine recipe be used for turkey drumsticks. If not, can you please do a video on turkey drumsticks. By the way, I will be using your twice baked potatoes and baked mac and cheese recipe this Thanksgiving. Super excited!!!

  4. I watched the prep of the turkey it was very informative for future reference my family doesn’t like turkey we have chicken that I prepare in several ways I do 40 cloves of garlic and I do a creamed version which I do in a bag.I absolutely love your technique in cooking and how easy it is to follow your recipes which I’ve made your soups are to die for so damn delicious,and your pasta dishes are great I’ve tried several and I’ve never been disappointed.wishing you and yours a happy thanksgiving.we will have our family together for thanksgiving and I’m doing your sweet potato recipe I’m sure it will be a hit.keep on with what you are doing I personally love watching your videos on YouTube.

  5. Great tips Billy! I’ve smoked many birds as well, and I found that poultry in general does much better at a higher heat. Even if you smoke it for the majority of the time, I would suggest cranking the heat at the end for a crispier skin and improved overall texture. I’ve got a video up on my channel about this, would love for you to check it out. Happy holidays to you and your family! Cheers.

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