How to Restore, Season and Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

Have an old rusty cast iron skillet? No need to throw it away because it’s incredibly easy to restore and season back to its glory days. Once it’s good to go it’s …


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  1. Hi,
    I'm a new user for this cast iron skillet.
    Where to storage the cast iron skillet which not attract any ants that you suggest?

    After usage and cleaning process, did the oil still stick on this skillet?

  2. Thanks Billy! I was wondering why my cornbread tasted "rusty" like the pan. But, I really don't know which oil to use. I've read several, (flaxseed, vegetable oil, crisco lard). Are the more expensive cast iron pans better than the least, expensive?

  3. Basically, a single cast-iron pan requires more daily oil consumption than an everyday recipe. The amount of money I would be spending buying oil, I can use that money to buy multiple non-stick aluminum pans. I am much better off just buying non-stick aluminum pans and pots.

  4. When I was growing up we had a cast iron pan that became too rusty. My mother accidently left it in the broiler pan on high heat. All of the rust fell completely off on its own and the pan came out completely clean.

  5. Inherited one from my late mother, she got it from a family friend's grandmother. Estimated close to 150 yrs old. Thanks for the info, exactly what I need!

  6. Just to clarify, after you cook and clean it.. when you put the oil back in it's just on the inside right? I've never actually cooked with mine and I'm terrified to mess it up!

  7. Would like if you would rub it w/ a towel at approx 2 mins to show if there is or isn't any black coming off. There is on mine and I scoured several times on a pan that didn't look as rusty as yours. I really wonder how sanitary eating off this pans really is.

  8. No Not paper towel it leaves tiny especially on that crappy Lodge with the rough truck bed liner. You should sand that Lodge to a smooth surface like Griswold or Wagner or just buy good cast iron like Butter Pat, Field, Finex,or Stargazer all made in USA.

  9. I bought my first skillet (I bought a used in a really good condition) but it needs to be seasoned. I'm glad I found your video it's exactly what I was looking for. Now I'm going to restore an old griddle too (13 years old) that the other day slept under the rain. My bad. Thank you. They are in the oven now. Yay!!!

  10. Question. Does the iron skillet need to be completely free of bumpy spots and sticky surface edges? I don't know what to think about all the bumps and try to scrub it until it's smooth.

  11. I've heard of people having pans for over 100 years. I wish someone in my family had a pan this old I could have inherited. Having a pan that old, sentimental value, thinking about what all that was cooked in it.

  12. Help!! I seasoned my pan following your instructions BUT I think my olive oil is bad! As it started to cook in the oven it started not smelling right. What do I do? πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I swear I shouldn't own cast iron…

  13. Good to know , but I'm watching video because of a cast iron vise I just got , vintage, wanted to clean and recondition it , probably not season it , though I could imagine I could on top of a woodstove. After applying oil , then wiping excess off , good tips, thanks

  14. I made the mistake I now understand. I poured cold water after cooking fatty foods. Thinking of being the water to a boil then. It did not only not remove the oil, but sealed it in. Making the non-stick factor obsolete. And now everything sticks!
    How do I clean off this very "implanted" stuck yuk oil ?!
    I would do appreciate your input. Thank you in advance

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