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  1. So I know it's after Thanksgiving, but I tried this method of cooking and the pan of stock underneath kept the bottom of the turkey from cooking. I took the bird out after about 2hrs when the breasts were at 160. When I went to carve it the breasts were perfectly cooked but the thighs and the whole back of the turkey were very under cooked. Not sure how to remedy this just wanted to give a warning.

  2. My family can’t even finish a small chicken, what more if I cook a turkey? Plus $60 and I have to cook it still? Nah, and I could just buy a cooked chicken a day before and just heat it.

    Put these with the veggies on sides of Turkey. They are FULL of VITAMINS & FLAVOR & help to make a SAVORY GRAVY.
    They are like little JEWELS.
    The strongest animals eat these parts FIRST. Humans are SO DUM! 😝

  4. I know it said that you need to add 1/2 tsp of salt per lb but this was a 15.42 lb turkey, which means they should have added 7.71 tsp salt or 2.57 Tbsp salt (not trying to be super exact), but they added 5 Tbsp salt, which would be about 1 tsp of salt per lb, so which is it? 1 tsp of salt per lb or 1/2 tsp of salt per lb?

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