How To Sharpen Dull Knives

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  1. Thank you woman!!! I have watched so many knife sharpening videos, and have had others show me several times how to use a file and a wet stone. And I could never grasp it. Must be cause I learned from a woman! Thank you thank you thank you

  2. I think it's hilarious watching people sharpen a knife aiming the blade towards them. The guard won't save you. Promise you that. Always aim the knife away from you. It's pathetic watching someone sharpen it holding it straight up. Hold it like a knife like you're going to stab someone. And yes the rod does sharpen. Not like a stone, but it does sharpen. Hence the sediment leftover after. Lots of misinformation here.

  3. Crap I never even knew that those wands they give us with the set don't sharpen the knife!
    For years I have just been using that and thought I was sharpening them.

  4. Is it just industry semantics, to say the rod doesn't sharpen your knife? I ask because my knives are certainly what I think most people call "sharper," after I use the rod. (Meaning, the knife is less dull, and cuts better). Whether or not metal was removed seems like a separate topic, to me. Am I missing something?

  5. I actually use the honing thing at work and my boss was a meat cutter for 25 years and I learned from him how to use it. Sometimes changing the angle can help depending on how damaged the knife is

  6. I notice you also have a non smooth honing rod, I had someone try telling me that you want a smooth one or else you're ruining your blade??
    any truth to this or BS?

  7. “Unless your daddy’s boyfriend is coming over and you want to sharpen your knives in front of him?” 🤣🤣🤣 that statements applies to such a specific demographic it makes me think that she couldn’t possibly have meant to say it that way!

  8. 0:57 – What I came here for (watching Gordon) but got much more! ty! I didn't know that was only "honing" the knife. Guess I need more tools for actually sharpening.

  9. Just purchased a knife custom handcrafted from Nepal… large camp knife. Will this honing rod keep the edge on my new knife? The steel is 5160, and it's a drop point.

  10. Holding the steel vertical resting on a cloth is by far the most accurate and easiest way of honing a knife. Using an engineering file is the easiest way of getting a kitchen knife back to an edge if it is very dull. It will need a fine grit wet stone after that is necessary to get the burr out but takes a lot of time out of the job.

  11. Sharp knives are too dangerous. Everybody says dull knives are more dangerous and I get that the chance of cutting yourself with a dull knife is probably higher since you need to put more force, but when you do it will likely not cause the same amount of damage. With a sharp fancy knife you wont even notice you've been cut until your whole finger is cut off, and if you drop it you could cut off your toe.

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