How To Sharpen Dull Knives

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  1. I thought knives had a 15 or 12 degree angle on edge, not 20. Also, how about a rotary sharpener like at IKEA? Works great, and so easy.

  2. Most professional chefs will sharpen the knife the other way round. The cutting part should be faced away from you as your stroke upwards. If you think about it there’s less resistance and hence a better sharpening.

  3. If that honing thing isn't "sharpening", how come I have the same knife I use daily that is sharp enough to cut paper after years of use and never doing anything else than what you call "honing"? Obviously, if you scrub metal against metal, some material is removed unlike what you claimed, it's just a matter of how much. If I use the honer for 24h, I'm pretty sure more material is removed than in a few minutes with that sharpener.

  4. Just use a whetstone and its the best option. And not any of those crappy tools she used. Also the way she did it on the whetstone,, nah you wont get a very sharp knife from that. Watch how sushi masters sharpen their knives. Ull learn better.

  5. Great video! I've long been afraid of using whetstones instead of the simpler sharpeners since most videos say using them takes about 30-60 minutes to get a good edge (and that's without the soaking time). It's a relief to know that it still works fairly well even with shorter times.

    Though I still don't get one thing with the honing rods: How come everybody is saying that they don't sharpen knives by shaving off steel? I get that they won't be as effective as sharpeners and whetstones, but there is physically no other way they could work, no? It's not going to be able to bend the edge with that pressure, and they are made from a very hard material for a reason. They must be shaving steel off of the edge in order to sharpen them, just at a smaller scale than sharpeners and whetstones. Do correct me if I'm wrong though

  6. No knife sharpening shops near me, but I want better than 22.5 angle anyway! Don't know why someone doesn't make a guide even for the hone rod! The movement of your hand can change your angle during the swipe.

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