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  1. I find sprouting in air temps of about 55-60 makes them much less prone to spoilage even if it takes a day or two longer. Root cellars are good. Once they start to go bad they are almost impossible to eat. Also, I use 1g jars. Much easier to use, clean.

  2. Is there a difference if you sprout them in compost versus just in a jar? Is nutrition better? I kind of like this way, dont need to deal with soil and possible cross contamination.

  3. I appreciate your upload. Quick and to the point. This search was spurred by not being able to find any sprouts in stores. One of the few vegetables I actually like!

  4. Ok what size of mason jars are these?? That actually needs to be mentioned.
    I just tried this last night in a regular size mason jar and, as I'm ready to drain out the water this AM my peas/beans are so swollen that it's nearly touching the cheese cloth! (Making me think now that there might not be enough space for the sprouting) I know peas/beans enlarges after a good soak but because of the recommended measurements, I though I would be fine! If you are doing this and follow the 1/2 cup measurement as stated you need to use a taller type of mason jar!

  5. Sprouting process looked like a part of plantation. The nutrition is lost if the sprout is grown more than a inch.Its important to consume the baby sprout, without letting it to age.

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