How To Start A Fire

Learn how to start a fire no matter where you’re at or what the weather is every single time that will last hours. Subscribe …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. When using the “flint and steel” hold the steel down on what you want to light then drag the flint across the steel towards you. It will creat much more spark and in a tighter group. Makes lighting the tender easier and faster

  2. FYI: believe it or now!

    In Vancouver BC strike anywhere & waterproof matches & lighter fluid have all been banned. Merchants are prohibited from stocking them.

  3. I was searching for different ways to start fires and your video was the first one. Cheating with a lighter. Rofl 🤣 too funny. I originally gave a thumbs down and then changed to a thumbs up since you made up for it with cooking chicken.

  4. This is the best video I've seen by far. I like using dry palm tree leaves. That stuff is like gasoline. Also, you can use the pine needles from a Christmas tree, which light extremely fast and hot

  5. I don't use an axe. Or a hatchet. I have a 10" blade knife that works for me as a replacement. That knife does alot of things for me, not just chopping wood. This way I have one tool for many jobs. I do however have a folding saw for some cutting of wood. And I have a small knife for small jobs, like wood shavings or small notches, even a little carving. But that big knife does most of the work.

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