How To Start A Fire

Learn how to start a fire no matter where you’re at or what the weather is every single time that will last hours. Subscribe ▻ Some affiliate …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


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  2. I don't use an axe. Or a hatchet. I have a 10" blade knife that works for me as a replacement. That knife does alot of things for me, not just chopping wood. This way I have one tool for many jobs. I do however have a folding saw for some cutting of wood. And I have a small knife for small jobs, like wood shavings or small notches, even a little carving. But that big knife does most of the work.

  3. Ay chef great video, some tips for your flint and steel. Get some of that kindling and rub it to make some fuzzy wood pieces so it’s significantly easier to light with a solid strike from a flint and steel. For your strike, go slower and harder for it to throw shards of ignited flint. After add some of that bigger kindling blow on it here and there and continue on chef. Great vid!

  4. I expected this video to have upwards of a million views, but its only at 4k. The production quality's so high, this video deserves to have a million views

  5. I love the wood tips and watching the chicken cook, but I clicked on this bc I thought you were going to show us how to start a fire using primitive methods like creating friction with two sticks and some kindling.

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