How to Store Fresh Herbs » Preserving and Extending the Life of Your Herbs

Extend the life of your fresh herbs by following these simple techniques that will preserve the freshness for well over a week.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Thank you. Tell me please, if I make pesto from basil and rest of ingredients with olive oil I should keep it in the fridge only or I can store them on the shelve? Basil pesto is sold in the shops, so how can I it can be canned? I can dried tomatoes in olive oil and eggplant, Italian style, and store the on the shelve, so can basil pesto be kept the same way?

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  3. And if they do still manage to wilt, toss them in the stock! Thanks so much! Food waste is such a problem in modern society. It is nice to see a chef that addresses it.

  4. Excellent! I have a tendency to buy loads of herbs for one recipe then never use them again. I felt horrible tossing them out but I won't have to do that anymore thanks to that icecube trick! I'm going to make ice cube blends of the herbs I use the most just to keep on hand, that way I won't need to purchase any when I only need a small amount. Very cool, thank you!

  5. When I buy parsley, cilantro(coriander?) rocket, celery leaves & stalks/stems I rinse them all very well & let them drain/Ishake) and then leave in a colander in the fridge to dry off moist of the moisture – a salad spinner would do all this in a minute. Even if I leave it overnight to get this done.
    Then I put all these – sometimes stems kept depends for the purpose that I am going to use them for. Parsley freezes well-these I use for falafel / meat balls & soups they defrost super quick . I haven't tried freezing the rest.
    The rest I put in airtight containers – no water should be left inside – then…… I put a DRY paper towel inside the airtight container *just on top of the herbs no need to wrap anything ** and this works great! You can also use a DRY cloth towel. I kinda do the same thing for salad ingredients as I cook for one. All the ingredients are ready, washed & fresh. A carrot/beet/turnip grated or some veggies already cooked like broccoli/zucchini or any veggie that will have too much moisture, I do the same or after a day or two I just leave the lid open in the fridge. But a paper towel in an airtight container is the bomb!!!!

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