How to Turn MUSHROOMS Into STEAK | Vegan Portobello Mushroom Steak Recipe

In today’s video I’m going to share my secret technique to transform mushrooms into the best vegan steak you’ve ever had. This ultra realistic vegan steak might …


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  1. Skipped the grilling, pan fry was good, used my go to vegan cheese sauce with A1 and turned out great, thanks Edgy Vegan. Colcannon's turned out great too. Putting in my meal rotation. Unbelievable for 500 calories.

  2. Just an idea to think about, you should have a guest or two come on at the end and try the food you make, it’d be cool to see what people think or to hear them describe what they’re tasting and what they like about the food you’re making..

    This was an awesome video though I loved it and am going to try to make it this week.. 💜 🙂

  3. This is a keeper. Is so delicious. Don't have access to liquid smoke so used smoked paprika instead. Put leftover marinade( only made 2 mushrooms so had excess) in with the fryed onions. Totally love this way of cooking mushrooms.

  4. New Subbie.. 😊👍👋🏻👋🏻Love Portabella… but I HAVE TO Scoop the Gills out.. but inhave made these Sammies a few times. And they are amazing. One of my favorite. Been a long time tho so thanks for bringing this back for me..

  5. Hi Candice! I'm a first-time commenter, long-time fan 😁 If you're considering new section ideas for your website, one that offers some meal planning ideas for minimal waste of ingredients – like "if you want to cut down on your grocery shopping, these three recipes can be made with the same (or almost the same) 10 ingredients," would be really appreciated. Anyway, thank you for your videos and channel – you're so helpful and encouraging!

  6. So a friend needed to go vegan for health reasons, but doesn't really cook. I've been prepping food for her that she can reheat. Do you think I could marinade and flatten the portabellas and then have her grill it a few days later?

  7. Fellow Pink Floyd fan ✌💕💫 thanks for your amazing sharing of your recipes and food reviews.. I've watched a bunch and I'm always enjoying everything I've watched.. I'll see for your book to at the library.. I lived in Toronto to, was working as an art director there and raised my first son 💐✌ cheers bud… love mushrooms 💫… fellow Guinness lover to cheers 🍻

    Your such a sweet lady this is amazing looks so so delicious 🍔💫 I'm having a difficult time finding made vegan cheese but I'll keep looking and if you have made it from scratch I'll look forward to finding it 💫

  8. I made this yesterday for dinner and my husband loved it. I didn’t make the mashed potatoes but the mushroom burger was delicious. I think to cut down on some work, I will do the BBQ sauce and cheese a day ahead. Otherwise, super easy and full of flavor.

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