How to Turn MUSHROOMS Into STEAK | Vegan Portobello Mushroom Steak Recipe

In today’s video I’m going to share my secret technique to transform mushrooms into the best vegan steak you’ve ever had.


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  1. I'm not vegan, but if I had to replace meat with something, this is def what I'd use. They taste very similar, especially grilled. I've had them as burgers and they are great…with lots of garlic and onions๐Ÿ‘Œ

  2. Can I make this also with beef mushroom? Because my cow had a gender crisis and was a mushroom so theoretical I am a vegan because my cow had that big crisis and since she was a mushroom it was alright to bring her to the vegetable butcher, and it was really hard to find that vegetable butcher so I brought her oh no, I brought mushroom to the vegetarian slaughter and he told me it was a cow, and I told him no you make chicken from seitan and other vegetables so now my cow is a mushroom I bring her here so you can chop her op into nice pieces so that i can make beautifull dishes from mushroom. But since she was a mushroom i asked the normal slaughter and he told me it was not a problem that he slaughtered my mushroom. He asked me if i had more animal vegetables and I told him yes I have also a pig broccoli and I have some chicken oranges. So i really need an answer and search for dishes and see you making bread beef if you make some dishes with beef mushrooms! Yes I have tomorrow bone marrow carrots but I need a color powder to make the orange that they look like carrots and that they taste to carrots and mushroom so maybe you know where I can buy some synthetic stuff to make it taste like that?

  3. Hello from Atlantic Canada! If you're familiar with Chicken Fricot and dumplings I would be eternally grateful if you could veganize it. Same goes for any other French Acadian dishes! โค

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