How Will An American Use This Surprise Filipino Condiment? • Tasty

Bagoong is a popular condiment from The Philippines, but Matt has never tried it. What will he come up with to impress his friend, …


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  1. I disagree with Cheska's judgement. I tried the recipe. It was a good puttanesca. Cheska wants the bagoong flavor to stand out but a puttanesca sauce mellows out the all the ingredients including the bagoong. Her judgement is based on looking for the bagoong flavor rather than what the dish is; a fundamental misunderstanding of what puttanesca does to its ingredients.

  2. I'm a Pinoy and my use for both bagoong and patís has been mainly on veggies (especially cooked ones) allthough bagoong certainly makes Binagoongan delicious. But next time you have tossed green salad try inserting a little bit of thinly sliced bitter melon and for dressing use olive oil, and kalamansi with some bagoong mixed into it.

  3. I had to rewatch this because I remembered this episode out of nowhere. We have a home made bagoong gata and wanted to try this recipe out since I love eating pasta. So, thank you again for the recipe! 💛

  4. Bagoong goes well on tomatoes, but tomatoes here in the philippines arent that very sour, unlike the ones in the can… so thats why MATT, needed to add another dullop of bagoong, tomatoes in the can came from italy where it has strong taste and smell… If I were him I would just make a stir fry noodle out of it…

  5. Very clever! I'm impressed! Replacing anchovies with bagoong for a puttanesca. Anchovies and bagoong are somewhat similar anyway (salt-preserved seafoods)

  6. I've tried bagoong similar to the pasta recipe… It's great!… also bagoong instead of anchovies in cesar salad… also alige (crab fat) which is absolutely divine – will bring you close to God, not for those with heart condition)

  7. Indeed bagoong is an excellent substitute for anchovies and you're a very imaginative chef to figure that out. Thank you for trying; you did great with your dishes and my taste buds are craving for the slices of barely mature mango dipped into the bagoong!

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