Hungarian Beef Goulash Recipe

This delicious Hungarian Goulash Recipe is jam-packed with roasted vegetables and beef in an amazing spice-filled broth that is …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Sometimes this recipe is Devine & sometimes I think its scrap, just a bunch of carrots & leftovers put together in a pot with Red sauce, it depends how hungry you really are. Lisa

  2. I doubled the recipe, and am now running short on time. Has anyone added the veggies earlier than after the 90 minute mark? If so, how did it turn out? I have company coming in 90 minutes and I just added the broth!

  3. I loved your chicken paprikash video (and absolutely recommend to anyone here looking to jave a peek into Hungarian cuisine), but I feel you've veered a little too far off authentic with this one, to be honest. It's just not the right set of ingredients. I have absolutely no doubts it turned out delicious, but it is not really goulash.

  4. Went into new territories with this recipe, and I believe it to be the best stew I’ve ever had. We were given a venison roast, among other things, for my husband helping out another family. So I thought, it’s been awhile since we had stew, and of course, had to check out recipes from our smash burger guy. Now when I say new territories, I meaning, never had Hungarian stew, never cooking with wine, nor believe I had it growing up, along with trying out Anaheim pepper, parsnip, turnip and celeriac root. And am glad to say, my friend, you hit another home run in my household. Thanks for your welcoming videos and recipes!! And yes, I’ve been spreading your name out, encouraging people to try your recipes!! Just the other day, my bestest bestie ask for your smash burger recipe and I told her, you guys will love it, won’t want to make your burger any other way!! Thanks for your time and energy to share with others!! ❤

  5. I’m born and raised in Hungary . If you add more water we called gulyas soup . I raise in nograd county. We never put any vegetables in the stew I mean carrots turnip …. Only meat and the traditional way. I call your stew the North American version. My wife born and raised in Canada and she’s eating the gulyas like how do you make it. But after she’s lived in Hungary and try the traditional home cooked gulyas by mommy. She’s never eating gulyas stew the North American way. Just saying. Your version can find any North American cookbook. I’m sorry but this stew never gulyas in my point of view.

  6. Looks good but I'm not Hungarian ? But far too many ingredients ? It's more of a soup because the sauce is a beefy tomato taste too many ingredients can spoil a recipe these recipes should be simple as they were made when the Hungarin folk had very little money this is not a goulash to me ? Our local bakery in the high street makes a good goulash with a few tiny potatoes , and little squares of beef but plenty of liquid soup sauce but this is only in my own opinion but I just think we can complicate a simple tasty dish by throwing in the kitchen sink ?

  7. I add my carrots with the peppers I don’t like carrots so the potato is more forward I’m at letting it simmer but my cat already wants some and so do I. My brazing liquid is spicy. I’m adding drop noodles( nukidli) to the l liquid .

  8. i cooked this recipe this past weekend. delicious! my wife even remarked that this hungarian goulash was better than her beef stew! this recipe is a keeper for sure!

  9. I’m not the best of cook’s but I still try. I made this recipe and taste wise it was wonderful. Unfortunately, I got carried away with the vegetables so when we sat down for dinner they where still crunchy, oops!😊

  10. Believe it or not , we have this same meal in Palestine, i didn’t realize it was Hungarian , we definitely have tweaked it a bit but it’s absolutely delicious 😋

  11. I'm Hungarian. I've seen a lot of goulash recepices on youtube, and I have to say that this one is the closest to what actually a goulash is (not perfect, but knowing you're not a hungarian, I have to say I'm amazed,)

  12. I made this last night and it was wonderful. What I absolutely love about your style is you don't pretend to love every ingredient in a recipe. I'm tired of hearing "if you don't think you like it just put it in and you won't even notice". I don't like the taste of peppers and left them out and it was still good. I like caraway seeds, ground them up and it tasted great. Thank You also for using everyday cook ware, not brand new spotless pots and pans. Those of us who cook for our families actually wash our cookware and it is not always clean, sparkling and looking like it's brand new after we use it 5 or 20 times.

  13. Can’t trust that last part how he got up and left with out coming back may be he gone and spit it out 👀lmao 🤣🤣🤣 man I’m just joking it looks delicious ☺️

  14. I don't know about you, but when the meat goes in, I get a ton of meat juice
    I can't even see the bacon grease
    Do you have to add olive oil or butter to sauté the onions after you take out the meat?

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