Hungarian-Inspired Creamy Mushroom Soup

It’s like a warm hug! Get the recipe: Follow Jeri: …


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  1. Oh so BuzzFeed is changing up to catch up with the narration voice-over, ASMR IRL sounds, no-bgm food content creator videos… nice try at it, but kinda weird in an indescribable manner.

  2. She says where to get the recipe—-wayyyyy toooo fast!! Couldn’t understand it even after listening to it by my ear several times! It IS NOT IN THE DESCRIPTION—- like someone says either!

  3. As a Hungarian… I dont know what the heck this is😂
    We have mushroom soups but they look like a chicken broth with mushrooms on it😅 (or just in our family) tbh I hate mushrooms and basically here, my whole generation hate it

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