I Can't Believe My Garden Had This MANY Vegetables to Pickle Already

Pickling vegetables does an awesome job of enhancing the flavors and extending their shelf-life. One of the coolest things about …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. 😍 I love it. I want to see all the recipes you make. Why dont you add your recipes to khal site A lot of awesome chefs add their recipes there. It's the world's only cooking social media….😍

  2. Billy, great to see that you included your parents in the video. For many chefs and at home chefs, their passion for cooking came from cooking with their parents.

  3. Hi we make pickle super easy put vegtables peper and garlic into jar then one spoon of salt and two spoons of vineger and pour water ftom tap JUST THIS PS. WE ADD 2 OR 3 CHICKEN PEA ALSO TO MAKE PICKLES MORE CRISPY

  4. I was the canning queen on my block back in the day. I always boiled my jars/lids, etc. before canning or pickling. Dishwashers get pretty hot and will kill a lot of bacteria but not all. Mom is right.

  5. I have a bunch of green beans from a friend of mine who has a garden. I think I'll first go to the store to get beets as well though and do some pickling. My husband and I LOVE pickled anything, so this will be fun.
    PS- I am glad you listened to your mom….

  6. Great primer on canning/pickling Billy! Always enjoy your presentations. Glad to see your garden so fruitful!

    When preserving fruits or vegetables with water-canning methods, it's critical that you sterilize the glass jars in any situation where the canning recipe calls for less than 10 minutes of processing time in a boiling water canner. If the water-canning method calls for more than 10 minutes of processing time in boiling water, experts say that this will fully sterilize the jars without any need for early sterilization. Nor is it necessary to sterilize jars that will be used in a pressure canner. This method, too, uses very high heat that will sterilize the glass jars, making pre-sterilization unnecessary.

    It is important NOT to boil the metal canning lids or their rings. The extreme heat of boiling water can harm the rubber sealing rings on the lids, which can result in a broken seal and contamination of the jar's contents. And the rings never come in contact with the food.

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