I Compared $50 and $300 Sous Vide Machines With Steak • Tasty

Alvin attempts to make the perfect steak using a $50 Sous Vide Gadget and a $300 Sous Vide Gadget. Will there be much of a …


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  1. This feels more like a vaccuum seal vs. ziploc water-displacement comparison than comaring the two machines. They seem comparable. Main difference is the sealing method.

  2. back in the day, sous vide machine look like some crypto mining power supply dipped into water… the amount of scales sticking on the machine is so difficult to wash

  3. This review made no sense.
    Sous vide cooker is there to maintain the temperature. What you should have done is while you're cooking, get a high precision thermometer to measure the water temperature. If they both maintain the same temperature, the results should be identical, and they should taste the same.

    Provided the other variable is the same: same sealing method, same bags, same ingredients, etc.

    I'm sorry, but this is a thumb down for me, as it's not a fair comparison.

  4. Good job on comparing vacuum seeled method vs ziploc method. You really didnt do ANY truth for the cheap machine because you made them significantly different. The 50$ suis vide machine i just bought has more displays then that 300$ one… Ffs they have a precision temp sensor inside, they are all the frickin same, except for the circulating thing, that can be noisier.

  5. really really bad comparison. Totally wrong experiment. Try 1000 dollars sous vide with 30 dollars sous vide. Put open bag in the 1000 dollars sous vide and the vacuum bag to the 30 dollars… Pretty sure the cheaper will taste better. Also it is simple physics. What's the difference on the expensive one? Is it doing massage or microwaves or something else magic? The comparison is the stable temperature and the circulation.

  6. Kinda disappointing experiment.. U should have vacuum sealed both or not vacuum seal both.. I don’t know why this isn’t obvious.. especially since u were comparing the sous vide machines and not whether it makes a difference to vacuum seal or not.. so at the end of the day we basically learned absolutely nothing lol

  7. Wow, so much BS in this video where to start. f The Anova machine sales by itself for 200. You can buy the set with the vacuum sealer if you choose. That however is a choice if you need a vacuum sealer. It does not just come automatically with this brand. You happen to buy the set that way on purpose. Secondly, you DO NOT need to vacuum seal your bags! You simply need to learn how to close the zip lock and remove all the air so it does not float in the hot water bath. Many videos already available to teach you how to do this. The air you left in the bag creates significant differences in both texture and evenness of the cooked protein. You could have also bought a 30.00 cheap vacuum sealer on Amazon for the cheap sous vide machine. I have several of these machines and the only significant difference is the wattage they use to cook. More power= less cooking time. The 50.00 machine you purchased is a 800 watt machine vs the 1100 watt Anova. You might want to spend more time doing basic research on the subject matter you are presenting and fully understand a topic instead of creating videos with tons of misinformation. You tube is full of misinformation from people just trying to get monetized. Wish you luck with the channel.

  8. For those who are not aware, a tip. For the ziplock bag, do not close it, simply submerge it partially into the water and the pressure of the water will rid of the air, leave it submerged and clip the bag to the side.

  9. just buy a vaccum seal machine(anova $79) n use with the $50 sous vide tool…still cheaper but maybe bring as much flavor if bag is properly sealed n aired out

  10. well done advice for those with limited budget, I got a no name vacuum sealer cheapest I could find on ebay for $12 with refill bags. And the sous vide genergic machine for $50 on amazon. Just completed the perfect trifecta by adding wireless thermometer, but sadly discovered they arent waterproof, well still got 30 days to really see about that.

  11. A vacuum sealer is only about 30 bucks on Amazon, so it should've been an $80 vs $300, in which case, the cheaper one would probably win.

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