I Convinced My Date He Was Eating MEAT?! This vegan beef dish will trick anyone!

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  1. I watched this three times now and I still can’t tell what the “meat”” is made up. Granted, I am under the weather right now so perhaps my brain is not functioning correctly. Does anyone see what type of ingredient is the meat? Thank you in advance

  2. you should not trick anyone into eating things it doesn't matter if it's tricking him into a meat substitute or him tricking you into eating meat 🙄 like this is how you poison people who are allergic to something you're not aware of!

  3. All these males pissed lol its not that real and they say we take shit to serious and bitch that we don't cook because they don't provide so we have to help provide same men excuse every horrible thing a man does that's far worse and there are women doing far worse than this and if a man did this it'd be "women are ungrateful he cooked for you"

  4. You shouldn't trick someone into eating vegan food. How would you feel if someone tricked you into eating meat ?!?! You don't know what allergies they might have or ethical opinions.

  5. I'll have to remember the sun dried tomatoes trick. I'm not usually a fan of them but love fresh from the garden. Thinking about this I wonder if homemade tomato powder will work? Off to try.

  6. "I actually bottled this myself from the smoke of my burning feminine rage." x-D x-D x-D I love you, Candice. Happy New Year!

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