I Grew Up in a Cult and Left it Behind (I’ve Never Shared this Story)

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  1. I am not Mormon, but like to watch Mormon Stories. I have also an interesting past with a cult like religion, so it's good to hear the stories. I relate. They also interview people who have gone through a (any faith) crisis, or change, so i'd love to hear them interview you. Maybe try to contact them. Glad I found you.

  2. I pray you one day find peace .. the bible says that the road will ge narrow so I guess a good start is to look around and see how popular sabbath keepers are .. funny how I’m sure you wouldn’t choose to murder but you want to get rid of the only commandment that starts with remember. I have watched you for a long time and you constantly have this inner battle going on .. I know understand why .. maybe you should go back to the ancient paths .. that is where you will find rest for your soul 🙏

  3. Christianity isn't biblical nor of the Kingdom either. That was Romes Bastard Child Creation. The Messi-Yah never taught Christianity but only Kingdom.

    Man destroys everything and waters down the true Gospel

  4. I'm a Seventh Day Adventist, and yes we believe in the second coming of Jesus but so does other Christians. And yes in the old testament they do mention Vegetarian and that we should eat Vegetables but honestly not all Seventh Day Adventists are Vegetarian.

    But I dont think it's a cult and the rest of the things you mentioned that I didn't, is a first that I hear of it being the way. Running away to live in the middle of no where and growing your own food is what alot of people despite their religion are doing.

  5. See that’s the thing… ppl adopt false doctrines. why? Because they rely on men for happiness and stability and not God. I grew up rejecting God my entire life. I grew up in a good one parent home.. my mom was fresh into christianity when we were babies. The miracles that my mom encountered weren’t just situations they were real how money just appeared so she could pay a bill. The bank isn’t just going to give money into your account especially if you owed them money. No one could tell me there’s no God and yes JESUS IS COMING SOON!!! Not aliens (the rapture cover-up) like others say. Another reason why I know God is real.. is because true Christians are hated just for proclaiming the name of JESUS!!!! Why? Why Us? Why not new agers? Why not Mormons? Why not satanics? Why isn’t their Bible being banned??? Huh??? Stop and think.. reflect and understand in the times we are living… there is a HELL AND A HEAVEN… my flesh will suffer here on earth, but my reward will be greater in JESUS!!! My soul belongs to Jesus.. GOD GAVE ME LIFE AND HE CAN TAKE IT WHENEVER HE WANTS AND HE CAN TAKE YOUR LIFE TOO. I challenge ANYONE TO READ THE BIBLE (the truth and light) (THE GOOD NEWS) PROVE ME WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all even tho you hate me for loving my SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST who died on the cross for all (not just Christians) BUT FOR ALL WHO BELIEVE IN HIM YOU AND ANYONE WHO WANTS TO COME TO HIM. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. I was raised SDA and I’m currently trying to close down an SDA “youth ranch” called project patch. It’s a horrid place. We’re called Tear The Patch- a place for survivors and supposrters

  7. This is why I don't believe in organized religion..I don't believe I need to be in a "house of worship" to say or think that our creator loves me or us but I'm glad you made it out

  8. I grew up in Scientology and after I finally got the courage to EACAPE I realized that it had taken a HUGE mental toll on me! I mean I left school in 7th Grade! You are doing so amazing leaving that “religion” behind! ❤

  9. I grew up SDA. Ellen Whites weakness was bacon. She couldn't part with it. Lol I'm now a Mystical Spirit and growing up in the sda church i was always considered a heathen because I always asjed questions they had no answers to but they couldn't expose themselves so they'd label me "evil" when in actual fact I was just woke and doing my own research vs being a sponge. I wish I could have a real dmc with you about my experience as well as yours.

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