I have ADHD & how I organize my fridge is life changing (TikTok is Making ADHD Trendy?!)

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  1. hey 🙂 thnx for getting straight to the point. other vids were taking forever to get to the fridge part. it also helps that you are a vegan cook as i am myself. vegan forever 🙂 and ur not trying too hard like other youtubers.

  2. It's out of sight, out of mind around here as everyone in my family of 4 has ADHD. So we got a magnetic white board and write down everything that is a leftover and the date it goes in the fridge. I made cute felt flower magnets that make it easy to erase when we eat a leftover. I need to figure out a system for fruit and veggies, and am thinking I may just need to get a second white board…

  3. New fan of your channel! We actually organize our fridge like this now too and it’s an absolute game changer! Thank you for the inspiring recipes:) Side tip- store your living foods & herbs in glass Tupperware. They will twice as long;)

  4. im just curious what made you get diagnosis for adhd/add , as your in your 30s i believe never was told you had it before, has it made your life for easier knowing the answer to xyz why im like how i am , is taking medication evolved?

  5. I know I will have a diagnosis later in life so I’m sure I have it. Especially because you said if I don’t see it then it doesn’t exist. That’s so me & I need to be tested. My daughter ask me to be evaluated as well because she’s a teenager but is having a hard time focusing

  6. 👍 especially now cuz food is so expensive you don’t want to be throwing things out you just bought . How much time is lost searching for things in the fridge😁so crazy 🙃

  7. ADD is no longer a diagnosis there is 3 types of ADHD
    ADHD primarily inattentive known as ADHD-PI

    ADHD primarily hyperactive known as ADHD-PH

    ADHD combined type known as ADHD-C

    If you would like everyone to know that you don't have the hyperactive type then just tell us you have ADHD-PI

    Thanks for the video

  8. PS – you won't see the cookies if they're in tupper ware? So the cookies don't cry out to you in pain to please consume them? No? Just me?! Ok, never mind then … hahaha

  9. I suffer from ADD also, so I feel your pain. If I put my condiments into a draw, good lord I'd never see them again because I'm waaaay too lazy to dig through the draw to find what I need lmao. Don't even get me started on "wasted produce". I try to be good with that though because it makes me so sad to see food spoil, it's like that food had a purpose and because of me…never got to live out it's purpose 🙁 lol.. I am relieved that you keep your sauces on the fridge door though whew lol

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  11. Hi, I must say this helped me so much! Stuff disappears for me as well! I wasn't diagnosed with ADD/ADHD at 47! I've always cooked fir the love of creating food from scratch. I hadn't had craft till 30 years ago lol – I'm 60 now . I went WFPB NO Oil salt or sugar essentially vegan. In 2019. So I too create food but its not my job, just I have recipe brain regarding mostly my old recipes over 50 years worth and how to veganize them.

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  13. Hey look, a butterfly!

    Sometimes it’s easy to get into organizing even with ADD. Learn through stuff you already like. If you like video games or movies or books or food those things can motivate you to get out of your ADD comfort zone.

  14. We started using a cake stand for any fresh bakes a few years ago, and I really love it. It started as an aesthetic thing because the alternative was me shoving it in an old (but cleaned and dried) ziploc, and then tossing it on the counter. It helps the grazers see it and eat it too, which I totally agree is super helpful. I love that I’m not the only one to use it that way

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