I Just Made the Best VEGAN Bacon

In today’s video, I just made the best vegan bacon ever. My rice paper bacon recipe is a cult Edgy Veg classic, and with all your …


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  1. You can place two rice paper sheets together, then wet them, and then cut them as one sheet. This way no matter how you cut you get two strips the same size. I also saw on another video to throw some course salt between the two sheets. It makes little bubbles and ads to the flavor.

  2. Definition of bacon
    1a: a side of a pig cured and smoked
    also : the thin strips cut from bacon
    b: thin strips of meat other than pork that is cured and smoked

    So basically, what you just cooked is not bacon. At all.

  3. Please don't shout at me but why do you call it bacon? I fully understand the concept of what vegan is and don't want to bash anyone for their diet and lifestyle choice but what you made bears absolutely no comparison to bacon, I appreciate that marinated rice paper isn't the greatest name but neither is bacon because it isn't bacon. How about 'Smoky Maple Strips' as a suggestion?

  4. I made some rice paper bacon and also some daikon bacon today. Definitely prefer the rice paper bacon!! I made it after watching your video from 5 years ago, but I cut 2 papers with scissors at the same time to get 2 of each of the same size, dipped them in water then stuck them together and dipped the strips into the delicious marinade. I actually licked the bowl when I finished dipping the strips!! 😂Thank you for the recipe!

  5. After making this a couple times I think the key is to undercook it just slightly. Otherwise it gets way too crispy and not very flavorful… Undercook it just a little bit and it has some crunch in the edges and some nice chew in the middle

  6. everyone needs to know this;

    ☆ 1- This recipe is DELICIOUS
    ☆ 2- FIRST wet the sheets, stack, and marinade both sides with brush
    ☆ 3- THEN cut with pizza cutter
    ☆ 4- FINALLY, cook on griddle or cast iron pan, so much faster than oven method and much easier to control cooking/crisp level

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