I Just Made the Best VEGAN Chicken Ever! | Vegan Fried Chicken

I may have just made the best vegan chicken recipe on YouTube! Utilizing some interesting techniques with Seitan, I’ve managed to create a pulled style …


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  1. Hi, @Edgy Veg, can I just check something? In the video, you added the Jackfruit to the blender, with all the other ingredients. . In the written recipe, you added it later. Can I ask which you would in fact recommend? how about doing half and half??

  2. It just blow my mind that people are trying to replicate the very same thing they don't want to eat there are no such thing as a vegan chicken I do believe people like this is not vegan you can never replicate chicken

  3. Mimicking chicken muscle? Eeeeek, you may need animal fat. You seem so hungry for nutrition and seitan is just chewy high gluten bread. I'm plant-based and it works for me, but some of you guys really just need the real thing, IF your not getting what's needed in plants.

  4. दोस्त प्लीज मैंने आपके चैनल को 💝सब्सक्राइब और लाइक और शेयर 💝कर दी प्लीज मेरे चैनल को💝 सब्सक्राइब लाइक शेयर करेंe

  5. vegan bacon and this fake meat stuff is like when a woman sleeps with a husband that is a closet queen. I admire vegans. But there are days when hearing about Vegan Bacon or Vegan Chicken is just ridiculous. But I’m a seasonal vegetarian. So I dont mock vegans. Some can be annoying. Not this channel though. Still vegan bacon is ridiculous.

  6. I made these and holy sh@t they DO taste like fried chicken. Even my husband who is a total carnivore loved them. Great recipe!!

  7. Just found out yesterday that heads of cauliflower makes a great vegan chicken. The only thing I did was blanch it in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Pat dry with paper towel. Season it with s and p. Coat it with flour and then pressure fry it in a pressure cooker.

  8. I wish I could drop another like for the Violife commercial at the beginning of the video! Awesome!!!
    This recipe is so complex, but I came just here to admire vegan sorcery in action lol. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Seitan is literally another word for wheat gluten so it can’t be gluten free. People do have gluten free recipes but they are more like seitan substitutes.

  10. Why vegans are imitating those disgusting animal corpses!!! 🤣 I mean sh*t is disgusting, why would i try to imitate it???? Oh vegannsssss, stop craving and eat the chicken!!!

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