I Made 3 Meals With 1 Can Of Spam • Tasty

Never tried Spam before? Here are three easy recipes to get you started! We’re mindful of how the current coronavirus outbreak …


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  1. ill give him that he did pretty good with the musubi lol even got a lil fancy with the sauce and smart with the can
    4.5 out of 5 (mostly cuz of the pronunciation kinda made me cringe one too many times lol)

  2. Matt: I really don't know what day it is. How many days has this been?
    Roommate: It's been like two weeks.
    Me, in November: Those are rookie numbers.

  3. My uncle told me not to use metal on non stick pan or he will disown me

    Oh and he also told me to use finger to cook rice or simply use overnight rice

  4. Spam, eggs and rice is one of the best and easiest breakfasts you can make. I live in Hawaii so I eat it whenever I need a filling and delicious meal. Throw some shoyu, Tabasco and ketchup on the eggs and it’s perfect

  5. here in Hong Kong it's very popular to have a spam egg sandwich (餐蛋治) or macaroni in soup with spam and a fried egg at a cha chaan teng… but even though everyone I know seems to love spam, I actually hate it because it's so salty, oily and processed and the texture is terrible to me…. is it just me??

  6. I recommend plain white rice and to soak your spam in a shoyu sugar sauce and fry it like that instead of making the glaze becaude it tastes amazing and the flavor isn't too overwhelming. The plain rice helps to dial down the saltiness of the spam. Also if u wrap the musubi tighter in the norm is makes it easier to eat. My family recipe for musibis! Hawai'i let's goo! I was happy when Tasty talked about musubis tho!

  7. I am from Hawaii AND Hawaiian (yes, there is a difference) and my Braddah, Spam Musubi is NOT made with "Sushi Rice". In Hawaii, where it all began, we use simple steamed White Rice, no seasoned rice vinegar, please! Mahalo, thank you for listening.

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