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  1. I’m pretty sure McDonald’s uses chicken for their sausage. At least they made that claim during a lawsuit some years ago anyway. Unless things have changed since then, I always liked chicken sausage better. Less greasy and the flavors coke through more etc.
    when I make my 100 pound McGriddle for breakfast tomorrow I’m gonna use chicken. 🤣

  2. I have an interesting story with the immersion blender. Once in food tech or food study, we were cooking pumpkin soup and everything was going perfectly until when we had to use the immersion blender to combine all of our ingredients and actually make the soup. My friend had never used on so I let him use the blender and from no fault of our own the part that houses the blade just fell off releasing a bunch of black goop and material into the soup. Obviously we couldn’t eat it because of health reasons and we never got to try our soup but at least we got some laughs out of it

  3. I don't really eat out at fast-food restaurants any more 😕. That means I save money, time , my energy from visiting these fast-food restaurants in my city 😋.

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