I Made Matty Matheson's Donair Recipe VEGAN!

In today’s video were making the legendary Halifax Donair, made famous by Matty Matheson, vegan. This vegan meatloaf style …


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  1. Back in my bar-hopping days, my friends would always chow down on giant gyros at our 2am hangout and I was just stuck munching on an empty pita. No longer bar-hopping, but now I have a amazing vegan alternative after our Poker & Pina Colada nights…cheers!🍸
    Also I really needed a cheering-up the other day so I watched your blooper reel…so crazyfunny! Many thanks and best of health to you!😊

  2. Can you make a vegan gyro recipe without seitan? I’m not too fond of seitan, but they’re aren’t many recipes out there without seitan. Hope you’re doing well and sending lots of love 💕

  3. I have made this with Boca Burgers. Defrost the patties and slice up in every direction. Season with black pepper. It looks like gyro meat. Heat olive oil, brown the sliced up boca. Layer that pita and roll. I made it with a garlic-lemon-tahini sauce and cucumber mint yogurt sauce. It’s addictive. Looked yummy. Be careful, Be safe 🙏🏼💕

  4. VIDEO IDEA: Can you plz try making this Vegan Crunchwrap that Guy Fieri is obsessed with? I want to know if its worth the hype and I trust your taste buds. The video title for the recipe is this: Guy Fieri Tries an INSANE Vegan CRUNCHWRAP

  5. 4:06 = øke so a donair is kebab showarma flavor in bread with veggies and sauce= DÖNER/KEBAB. So NO its not a "totally" different dish or origine its just a döner put in a similar name. well done!

  6. If you’re in Halifax and looking for vegan donair and lots of other great vegan food, try g-street pizza and real fake meats. There’s also a lot of great Lebanese restaurants downtown with great vegan options. And donuts! Halifax is very vegan friendly. I’m from Ontario but went for a vacation last fall and it was a great time.

  7. I researched it and the donair was actually invented by Peter Gamoulakos, a Greek man who immigrated to Canada in the 50s. When Canadians weren't happy with his gyros, he changed the recipe and donair was born.

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