I Made McDonald’s Spicy McNuggets Vegan! | Vegan Fried Chicken

In today’s fast food vs vegan episode, I attempt to see if I can make McDonald’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets vegan! The original …


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  1. I’ve been watching a bunch of your videos (love them) and I’ve been trying to figure out why your voice sounded so familiar. You sound so much like Zoey Deschanel!( pretty surenthat is not how to spell it lol)

  2. Did you know metals cause depression? They get in the brain and oxidize. That metal wisk on a metal pan is scraping metal into your food. There are non-metal wisk options.

  3. imagine if mcdonald’s just made vegan nuggets.. imagine if vegans were the majority consumers so it forces the fast food restaurants to have a menu that catered to vegans.. just envisioning 😎

  4. NEW IDEA on my The Green TREE group on facebook, for healing…using Sea Salt rubs with any Org. GREENS, includ. Organic Dandelion leaves (good for Liver "bitter" greens), Org. Kale, Org. Spinach, etc. Just sea salt to taste, pat dry, add 1 tsp. Olive Oil & practically HEAL yourselves> Cancer + Diabetes, Viruses CANNOT survive. NEVER, EVER, NEED MEAT to SURVIVE.
    Told that crazy Raw Meat Eater Vegetable Police, who used to be a Vegan…just now > on his latest video… HA HA HA HA.
    Once we metabolize the Greens, NO NEED for much of the other Supplements as it is a Prebiotic and/or Probiotic w/ Sea salt rubs…the Healing Chlorophyll is given in Revelation 22:2 as "the Leaves of the TREE (of Life) shall be for the healing of the Nations"…thus the Original Plant-based diet of Genesis 1:29–31, also suggested in Isaiah 11th chapter, Isa. 65:25 & summarized in REVELATION 22:2 "the Leaves of the TREE (of Life) shall be for the healing of the nations"…thus the Original VEGAN Plant-based diet.
    MAKE sure you only use Organic or Non-GMO foodstuffs (in AMERICA)… With this approach…you will be able to stomach RAW and/or gently cooked Organic Onions, Garlic, Organic Leeks, Org. Scallions, Org. Shallots, all the Allium foodstuffs.

  5. I would love it if you could figure out to make vegan eggs in a frame (aka egg in a hole, egg in a nest, toad in a hole, etc.)! It's one of the few non-vegan foods I miss.

  6. These look delicious. So keen to try that apricot addition as it grows all over South Africa and we have a tree in the backyard. Yeeeeeah get some!!😎✋

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  8. Love the cinematography in the close shots. Feel like you admitted they weren’t ready for prime time when discussing the coating. Would you gleefully share these, as is, with a skeptical omni?

  9. Great video and recipe. I would rather have a home made version because it's 100% vegan without cross contamination and you wouldn't be funding a global company that still dominately depends on animal expoiltion foods to make money and a home made version would also be less processed.

  10. I’ve never seen those before. I have been vegan for over eight years and did not see them when I lived in Europe prior to being vegan. I will definitely be trying this recipe. Thank you for giving me yet another reason to ignore my diet.

  11. I’m trying this ASAP! I’m just starting out my vegan journey and documenting it on my channel. So I’m researching EVERYTHING, trying to get lots of recipes and this video has REALLY helped 💕

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