I Made Popular TikTok Recipes VEGAN (This vegan egg recipe is the future!)

I’m back with another round of turning viral TikTok recipes VEGAN! Tune in to see which ones we veganize this time and how …


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  1. It seems silly to spend all of this time to make your concoction look like an egg. What's the point? As soon as you eat it, it's obvious it's not an egg.

  2. Actually if you take raw almond butter mix it with a tiny bit of lemon juice and water you will get a cream that people will have a hard time figuring out isn’t cream don’t forget to put a touch of pear juice and I say a touch a teaspoon in it when you’re mixing it up it gives it a very creamy milky flavor try trust me I’ve used it on non-vegans and I swear it’s dairy.

  3. A vegan steak that looks and tastes like meat I’d be really cool if you got a meat eater to try it like a blind test taste. I know you probably don’t have time for any of that but it would be really cool.

  4. So you never ate other then vegan, my question is do you ever try it on a non vegan? I asked this because when we were vegan my family was when my son was a baby until he was about almost 6 I won’t go into the details while we stop being vegan is a sore spot in the family let’s leave it at that however I learn to make things taste like other things because I had non-vegan guests and if they found out the stuff this weekend they wouldn’t even try it so it had to look at the smell and had to taste like the real McCoy. When I made gingerbread cookies recipe called for milk cream and butter now having found a secret that would make anything I may taste like depending on whether I put a certain amount of lemon or second in a certain way I can make anything taste like I put those ingredients in but as my son couldn’t have dairy I found ways to make dairy without it being dairy I say this for a reason I admire your desire to make things for people that look like the stuff that isn’t vegan and I like the fact is try to make it look vegan and since you don’t know if it really taste like what you’re eating that’s why I have a bit of a problem I’ve always tried to make stuff that was vegan look and taste for a mediator meat eater I’m using voice to text and it doesn’t always right when I want it to rate my hands are crippled so I’m stuck with this and he said that I’m asking for a reason and the reason is it looked almost passable for a sunny side up egg but the egg yolk part not quite passable, that’s because it looks like mustard to me it didn’t really resemble to me an egg yolk so I really would like to see the other stuff that you were using that you say looks more like an egg yolk because maybe that looks more like a good yoke what can I say… I like your style especially liked what you did with the Pepperoni I need to fix stuff you know what the mushroom like Stashe Voice to text is really giving me a problem and that’s as close as I’m going to get soap that should say so not soap but anyway I’m always looking for interesting egg like or substitutions is a general unfortunately I don’t think I’m gonna be able to go back to being vegan here it’s extremely expensive equivalent of $500 a week if I want it to be more than rice and vegetables and a bit of tofu I am trying a few other things that may fit into the budget but believe it or not none vegan here is very cheap. I’m still trying but I just don’t know if I can afford it currently I’m having a hard time finding the original so I substitute that looked like ground meat but had absolutely no taste yes it really was the very first of its kind sky more than 30 years ago and yes it’s still being sold although the company still is insisting on selling the newfangled products which aren’t as good day just don’t go there a lot like beyond beef beyond beef is tasty but what I don’t like about it is that after eating it I feel like I’ve been kicked in the head I feel like I’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with my system probably because I think they put sugar in it I don’t quote me or the beet root they use. My son can’t eat it it makes him run to the toilet. Gives him stomach pain to. So I’m having to go back to looking for when I used a long long time ago when to find vegan foods was difficult and you had to make almost everything from scratch. And this was pretty much the only thing you could get that was remotely meet like I mean it looks like ground meat it’s kind of got a certain texture in a few minutes away it’s basically simple soy protein yes the coloring from the beach but not actual beetroot and that should say beat not beach I do not know what is with voice to text. Sometimes you do show a bit of an angry vegan I’m not sure you’re aware of it. And like I said there’s nothing wrong with growing up he can my son would be the first one to tell you. I think what annoys him now what has made him more of a meat eater are the vegans we have here which we tend to call Vegan Nazis because they believe anyone who doesn’t eat vegan should die… I was vegetarian before I became vegan so I was like 12 years before I started eating meat again and that was on the recommendation of two different doctors because I’m chronically anemic which we now know is because I have a malfunctioning liver. Unfortunately that runs in the family as well. So I’m trying to keep the Meat thing to maybe once a day if I can get away with not having to eat me at all I’m a lot happier. I became vegan or I should say my family became vegan when we went macrobiotic. The vegans back then we’re not militant and maybe that was the difference. They were very inviting and perfectly understood that some people just would prefer Meat if you see capitals in here it’s because voice to text is just giving me a hard time. So if you want to get the world to change the kind it should read be kind.

  5. Sorry for my ignorance Candace but I’ve never known pesto that wasn’t vegan what am I missing here the best pesto is made with olive oil basil parsley some have a touch of garlic not all and pinenuts me personally I like mine with Coriander leaves so how would that not be vegan?

  6. Here is your non vegan friend to explain to you that salmon and tuna are very different types of fish! It's like comparing avocado to a tomato – salmon has a waaaaaay higher fat content as he lives a very different live from a tuna.

  7. Its politically edgy, but my very own Chocolate Chili Cake is on my Chikiberi2 tiktok page. Its all done in a food processor and the cake is made with vegetables. Recipe from my website (DonnaBraden) listed here:
    So vegetables in a cake is not an original concept, but blend a chocolate cake box mix with eggs (dairy or vegan) and most any veg getting old in your fridge in a food processor. Bake according to Box directions. I used the shredding attachment on my processor to shred carrot, zucchini, rutabaga, radish and endive (totaling 2 cups veg) into my cake, which I ran all the ingredients a few minutes until smooth. THEN in your clean processor puree 1 cup butter (dairy or vegan) until whipped fluffy ~ or in a bowl with a hand mixer/stand mixer. Pour in a CHILLED (key here, chilled!) can of sweetened condensed milk (*credit to Sweet & Spicy channel) and a tsp of vanilla. And a pinch of salt. I then dropped in a couple TBSP Dutch Process cocoa. But the item I came up with myself ~even if others have already thought of it elsewhere, I have not seen this~ Is about 2 1/2 tsp Mexican Chili Powder, or your fav kind or even Cayenne but in a much smaller dose. To YOUR taste how you like it.

  8. I've been trying sooo many diff things for my bf to make an egg like this , silken tofu is the key now I see , will Def try this or something like this . Vegg is pretty wild so I'm Def down to experiment 🤪

  9. Reasons people buy pesto:
    Basil is fucking expensive in a lot of places.
    Not everyone owns a food processor or blender.
    Sometimes we need an on hand option for days we really needed our Spoons for something else and can't use one for making pesto.
    Because sometimes store bought IS more delicious.

    So you know, maybe attempt to be not judgemental about buying premade pesto? It's delicious either way.

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