I Made the Best Vegan SANDWICHES *must watch*

I just made the best vegan sandwiches you’ll ever make at home. Trust me, this is a must watch. I make my version of a Cuban …


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  1. It's nice to see a "down to earth" vegetarian/vegan. So many of these channels either throw their virtue in your face, or try to show how clever they are by flavoring their tempeh with port wine and other useless crap.

  2. I am curious how the beyond beef is once it gets cold? I would need to eat the sandwich away from home and it would have to be kept cold till I ate it. Thank you in advance.

  3. Is there a way to somehow use the genius meat log to make Philly cheesesteak meat? It’s like chipped in texture…maybe let it thaw a tad and run it through a mandolin???

  4. All of these look so good, but I’m for sure going to try the rueben first! Ruebens are what I miss the most from my meat eating days. I am also a lover of sauerkraut! 😋

  5. Love your videos but I don´t think Tahina has anything to do with Döner and you missed the cabbage kind of coleslaw. The cabbage, the different sauces, and the Turkish bread is the best part of a Döner. But I like your idea of making the beef meat replacement.

  6. Hi Candice! I love the idea of creating a "meatlog" and freezing it, so you can cut those Dönerlike pieces! Genius!!! I would also add some Blaukraut (red cabbage) to the Döner! This elevates it to the next level, I promise 😘!
    Sending lots of love and greetings from Erlangen in Germany 🇩🇪,
    Jessi 🌻

  7. Wish you included the brands of the fake meats you used. I haven't found one I like (haven't really tried a lot either coz of price). I want to try these sandwiches just like how you made them! 😉

  8. I do the same thing with the Tahini! It exploded on me so many times while squeezing so I have to admit, the anxiety was there when I saw you squeeze!
    Also! These sandwiches look AWESOME! And the frozen meat paste!? GENIOUS!

  9. I’m new to the vegan lifestyle and don’t like fake meat can you please make sandwiches using vegetables. I really would like to see what you come up with.

  10. Looove the idea of the shawarma log!! I've been craving a monte cristo sandwich for years, but am now also gluten free. A vegan gluten free version would be awesome! Love these vids 🙂

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