I Made THE MOST Flavorful Chili in Existence!

This slow-cooked smoked brisket chili is the ultimate recipe to show off and share with your family and friends. The flavors in this …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. You really can’t beat a blooming good bowl of chilli. For me, instead of using bacon, I use chorizo and I let mine cook for up to six hours. My son plays rugby and I treat the club to a massive pot at the end of the season. I’ll definitely give your version a go though. Did you film how you smoked your brisket? I’m completely new to smoking, so I need all the help I can get. lol. Love your videos, Billy Boy. Much love from England. xxx

  2. I would be freaking out everytime I take a bite of it filled with boringness.

    I will teach how to make cereal and workout for superfical upgraded heavy lifting champion bills.

  3. Bro, just discoverd your site here. Love it. But man, that isn't chili. It seems exactly what white folks north of the Colorado River. Chili is FROM Texas. There aren't other 'styles'. There are bastardisations.

  4. Hey, thanks for the tip on the beans. I have never used dried beans before. I used your method, using the boiling water to soak the beans. I soaked them longer than you said. They were soaked for about two hours. You said yours took 90 minutes to soften. I let mine simmer for 8 hrs on the stove. My beans were still pretty hard. I moved it to the crockpot and simmered on low for an additional 12hrs. Yes, the beans were edible, but as you could guess, the chili tasted like garbage. Thanks for making me waste twenty hours. Thanks for your pro tip.

  5. For the last 4-6 years i put dark chocolate in my Chili… when i tell this ingredient to my guests they look at me like i'm totally crazy. But they love it, and that's the point! 🙂

  6. Thank you for not going all nuts about including ground up dried chilis that I've never seen or heard of … and I'm from Texas. This version is do-able. Can't wait to give it a go.

  7. Looks yummy. I'm making chili next week for a family chili cook-off. I am planning on making it beanless, but love the addition of the carrots and celery for a more hearty aspect. Thanks Chef. Going to use some of your techniques!

  8. As a Texan that know beans are much more healthy then just meat alone chili , and stretch it out . Great , I cook it with beans . But NO KEDNEY beans or chick peas : Pinto beans are the authentic bean as this is a MEXICAN dish . I am a historical archaeologist and the old documents suggest this was made often with Dried beef jerky and dry chili pepper , spices as a food cooked by Spanish and later Mexican
    Frontier Calvary troops on the March , eaten with hard tack ( crackers ) when at hand , or other wise corn tortillas, with the raw masa dough used as a thickener . There are other Mexican pure red chili meat stews , made with pork ( Colorado – red color. ) . Chili stews made at home would have added stuff , tomatoes, etc.

  9. Whooohhh Did I missed this! I was searching for some chili to make cause we are heading over to the Fall and I came to my favorite chef and definitely gonna make this, this week! But seriously CHOCOLATE :-)) I did not see that coming! That's a question for me to put in there.

  10. I've not heard of Chocolate in regular chili. I have heard of it in Chili Dog Sauce aka Coney Sauce, It has been rumored to be in Skyline Chili but never confirmed. Cans of Skyline Chili do not list it as an ingredient, so I am guessing it is what it is. Just a rumor. Maybe others make their version of Skyline but add chocolate too. It's not an official. ingredient. It does seem like a great Chili. Five lbs. of meat though, is too large of a batch for me to make.

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