I Made The MOST Flavorful Lamb Burger in Existence

This video was created in partnership with the American Lamb Board. This tasty grilled American lamb pub burger uses a …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Omg! Gyro burgers! Yes! Love ya man! On this tomorrow, got fresh ground today! (And yes I sub’ed because of this vid, algorithms just sent to me when I typed lamb burgers)

  2. 😃 I love how you present with passion. I immediately went in and made these this evening and had to chuckle. I didn't think you'd be right….BUT YOU WERE! These really were the MOST Flavorful Lamb Burgers in Existence. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible recipe!

  3. Hi Chef Billy!

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of the amazing recipes and your great attitude and dedication. You have a heart of a teacher and my family and I thank you sincerely for all of your amazing videos. We have made like 30 of your recipes and loved every single one of them.

    Keep up the amazing work. You deserve waaaay more followers and I hope for your channel to continue growing.

  4. I made this burger exactly as the recipe was written and let me tell you…OMG! It is delicious and full of flavor.😋 It was so good I can't stop thinking about it. 😃 This is so much better than a regular hamburger. You have to try this!

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