I Made the Perfect VEGAN SCHNITZEL | This Vegan Fried Chicken Will BLOW YOUR MIND

In today’s video I’m sharing the perfect vegan schnitzel recipe that will have you going back for seconds. Using my seitan recipe, …


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  1. We would really appriciate if u could give us a closer look of the schnitzel after frying it.Its best to do that.Same mistakes done by lots of cooking utube channel.thnx anyway.

  2. Just to be a purist, the Germans stole this from the Italians during WWII, while occupying MIlan… It's not originally German, or more accurately, Austrian ('Wienerschnitzel' means cutlet from Vienna) The ORIGINAL meat used was veal, but (if using meat) you can use pork fillet or chicken, too. In Italy, it's "Cotoletta alla Milanese"… cutlet from Milan… and that's the origin of this food item.It's Italian. Not German/Austrian.

  3. Tried making this yest ,I def did something wrong as this process for seitan I cant make work for me ,its def me haha,so I am re trying today by baking first then simmering in broth fi gers crossed as I loved snitzel as a kid (i didnt understand what it was really at the time )

  4. I just found out about your video and this recipe. I had to try it right away. It is in the oven as i type this and i can't wait to taste it ! For the first time i wanted to taste the seitan dough uncooked because it smelled so so good. Thank you for making awesome video of delicious vegan food, good for us and the planet <3

  5. So many vegan dishes have seitan but I cannot handle it, so I always have to substitute with tofu or a chickpea flour with xanthan gum. Gluten is too sticky to digest.

  6. Great, I was just thinking about making a vegan seitan Schnitzel for my fam and this recipe seems great!
    What I always have a problem with is the chicken-flavourde bullions…I have no access to such products and ordering on Amazon is just not worth it :/ Do you think these would still be tasty when using veg stock and poultry seasoning?
    Anyways, sending you lots of love!
    Stay safe and have a great 2021 ahead!

  7. Yum! Looks awesome; definitely gonna try it 😋

    Where I come from (Austria), we usually eat it with fries & ketchup, potato salad or potatoes (boiled & peeled) fried in a little bit of butter with some fresh parsley 😊

    Thank you (and your team!) for all the videos and hard work – wünsche euch ein frohes neues Jahr und alles Gute ❤

  8. My mom is Dutch. She used to make this same dish (with veal – I know awful!) when we were kids. It was one of my favorite dinners. Thanks for the vegan version!

  9. I have a dream that vegan chefs would use veggies as meat replacement and super-bad-for-your-health soy products or acidic high gluten things. Vegan junk food is bad enough. Why are we making it worse by using these products?

  10. in poland we usually eat the pork ones with potatoes and sauerkraut or pickled cucumbers. I do mine from soy cutlets which are super cheap and easy to find. Boil them in water and add many pork spices in the breading. bomb af

  11. I'm so excited to make this! I haven't had it since before I went vegan! The restaurant we'd frequent would serve it with lingon berry sauce and it was AMAZING. I don't have access to lingon berry here, so I'll make it with homemade cranberry sauce. Thanks for the recipe!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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