I Made the Viral TikTok Custard Toast Vegan | Vegan Valentine's Day Recipes

In today’s video I made the viral TikTok Custard Toast vegan for Valentine’s Day! I’m also sharing an epic vegan charcuterie board …


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  1. I use the Just egg for French toast, but this could be the best brunch offering to serve, I might make maybe try this with
    a puff pastry to kind of have a danish like hand held bite.

  2. Oreo Tip: Instead of dipping your Oreos from the melted chocolate right into the sprinkles, set them down THEN put sprinkles on them. This will accomplish 2 things:
    1) Your Oreos will lay flat, looking very neat
    2) You will not get melted chocolate in your sprinkles
    By putting the freshly dipped Oreos into the sprinkle bowl, you leave chocolate behind causing your sprinkles to lump together and the final product looks very messy. Another advantage to not dunking your cookie into sprinkles is being able to control the amount of sprinkles and how they lay on your cookie. There are a ton of sprinkles on her cookies. If that's not something you want, sprinkling them on by hand will allow you to determine how much is enough.

    Alternatively, you can skip the sprinkles and in a separate bowl, mix together some of the white chocolate and a drop or two of red food coloring. This will turn the white chocolate pink and you can, with the tip of a knife/spoon/fork, drizzle the pink chocolate over the freshly dipped Oreos.

  3. Here in Tennessee, Just Egg has gone the way of the Dodo bird. But if it comes back I want to try the custard toast. In the meantime does anyone think that a variation with silken tofu could be used? I miss custard & creme brulee greatly from my pre-vegan days. Also tho this isn't the right video, your vegan feta is so good it makes me want to smack my momma! Love it so much, & have made it multiple times. 😍

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