I Made Viral TikTok Recipes Vegan (Gigi Hadid's Rose Pasta SURPRISED Me?!)

In today’s video I’m making viral TikTok recipes vegan! I think the most shocking of all was Gigi Hadid’s Rose pasta recipe, you …


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  1. I’ve been watching your channel for soooooo many years and watching this video I realized how different you are since I first started watching. I absolutely love your style, self confidence and the chill demeanor you exude now. Back in the day your videos were so bubbly and funny which I loved at the time but I love seeing you in this current phase of life. Everything about your videos now seems so authentic 😊

  2. I'm a sucker for vegan cheese, I am only vegetarian but melted vegan cheese > any kind of normal melted cheese. It just melts in your mouth like…smooth chocolate would

  3. You need to cook on high to prevent the potato pillows getting oily. The temperature is not high enough, as I can see in the video when you throw in the pillows, nothing happens with the oil. It should start to bubble straightaway. You might need a bigger deep fryer. More oil prevents the temperature dip, low temperature is always the culprit of oily taste.

  4. It's funny because the first recipe is actually one of the traditional recipes we have in my home country Greece for lazy pies : Filo is crinkled in the baking sheet ( instead of layered) sprinkled with oil or butter and then the filling is added on top. It is called patsavouropita ("rag pie") or lazy woman's pie :))

  5. RE butter in the vodka sauce:

    A lot of chefs I follow add a pat or two of butter to their sauce at the end to give it a richer flavor and to give a bit of a glossy sheen. I made her recipe the other day (I only added the cheese on top when I served with chickpea pasta) and it tasted better than any canned vodka sauce I've purchased at the store – aka the only way I've made penne vodka at home 😂 so as fatty as it is, there is some method to the madness.

    I will also say I used WAY less oil than a 1/2 cup in the beginning. I didn't even know it called for that much. I just put enough in to help sautee the shallot and garlic lol

  6. The thing about the Spätzle press, it already is the easiest way to make them. Originally the dough is put on a cutting board and scrapped into the boiling water bit by bit.

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